My attempt at recreating AWS

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For the last 3 months or so, I have been making a new project that is a service- providing (almost) the same services as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Not releasing the name in this post yet.

Basically you navigate to https://pws-cluster-list.glitch.me and you'll be on our 'cluster' page, a set of open-source community-run web desktops. The whole service runs on glitch.com and has been a good thing to do.

Some help decoding the names:

  • SR1 = Server: has applications designed for use with servers/WS (Due to SSH issues we will remove xTerm at some point)
  • W2 = Write: Mainly for writing, with a PDF reader and text editor alongside other apps.
  • C3 (beta) = This is kinda a first look at the new cluster software (AuoraOS 4), it has a configuration wizard, a welcome screen alongside other apps. I would leave this for a few days while we add more to it :)

They each have a Virtual File System and are regularly updated

I might take a break from cluster computing (let word spread) and start working on a database as a service- idk yet.

Cluster software - OS.js (SR1/W2 clusters) auoraOS 4 (C3 clusters)*

*- update expected soon which will switch us to auoraOS, stay tuned!

self host our clusters, goto https://github.com/ProTech-IT-Solutions/PWS-server-cluster-temp ( published without configuration wizard )

Check the wiki for self hosting instructions!

visit ProTech IT Solutions website at https://ptuk.tk


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