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My current Git workflow is:

  • VS Code's built-in Git support for check-ins and simple diffs
  • Sourcetree for the more complex bits (managing merges, rebasing, squashing commits)
  • P4Merge for resolving merge conflicts
    • I used to used Meld - the UI is a little nicer, but it's really slow to start up :(

VSCode's built in git isn't that great if you ask me. I like selective staging where I can stage/unstage particular line(s), which isn't supported by VSCode. Also, you cannot use keyboard in their staging area, which is very much bad experience for me.

Maybe we all should pool in and port the Atom's git integration to VSCode so we'll have the perfect editor of all time.


You can stage/unstage particular lines with VSCode. I do it all the time. Only rule is that the lines must be consecutive.


Vs codes conflict resolver is also good, no need for another tool. Source tree to Vs code.

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