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I believe that Learning by Doing is the best learning strategy for me to learn anything, before the lockdown, I though about taking a break from Django and Try new Language where you can be more involved and creative since Django provide a minimal work for the developers or the programmer working with it to do and doesn't encourage creativity, I think that's why it's called a Framework for Deadlines so I decided up to give GoLang a shot since I read an Article about it and how it was designed, I was fascinated by it's elegance and eloquence, GoLang really is one of the cleanest language I had came across during my short span of experience as a student developer or programmer but I really love it and I think I will stick with it for some time, the latest side project I have been working on with GoLang is a Web-app which is a clone to DEV
and here are the link for the repo if anyone interested to see it :


I am more than welcome to receive feedbacks

the project is not final yet I believe I will finish within the couple next days, I am thinking about constructing a Recommender System with machine Learning so I am not sure if I am going to do this or not

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aim to balance between practical knowledge by doing side-projects, viewing/contributing to open-source projects and theoretical knowledge by learning algorithms and computation and complexity theories


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