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This is my first post, so hopefully it will turn out well

I've used multiple times in the past because I used a chromebook and didn't want to convert it to crouton. I found that it was a really good way for coding, in any language. I've used this for a couple months to code my discord bot, Ratchet. I've mainly used python for this, but all of the pros and cons should apply for many languages.

All of the languages in these categories are included:Categories for languages img

Pros Cons
This is a web browser application. You don't need to download anything. You need to be connected to the internet for your code to run at all.
Addons are easy to 'download'. Just write their names. I only know of this for python
This can run for a really long time Not forever though. If you close your computer, it will stop.
Auto Saving onto Cloud. You can also download all of the files if you're offline Doesn't save onto cloud. So, if you refresh....
Debugging I've never tried this feature, so, I don't know any cons...
Real Time Collaborating Currently in Beta
A community. You can ask any questions for problems you have with repl or coding It is not as fast as stack overflow.
It also has a console and uses linux This console is really hard to use, (for me). I couldn't understand how to do bash commands and etc.

I'll keep updating as I find more. (Or leave a comment for things you find)

Let me know for anything I can improve on in the future with writing posts. As I said, it is my first post.

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Micah Lindley

Congrats on your post! This is good stuff! I love! Find me there!

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Thanks!! Hopefully this will get the ball rolling.