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How to get the profile picture of a GitHub account

Hello ! I’m Xavier Jouvenot and in this small post, we are going to see how to get the profile picture of a GitHub account.

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Small Backstory

When following a GitHub Learning Lab course, I ended up creating a portfolio using Markdown.

During this course, I wanted to integrate my GitHub profile picture, and not have to update it, if, in the future, I update it (the photo is 8 years old, so I should probably update it 😆).


When digging on the internet to find a solution to this problem, I found out that GitHub gives you access to a lot of information, if you want to invest the time to get it.

But regarding the profile picture, it is actually really easy to get. All you have to do is to access the following url, and you will have access to the profile picture of the account of you choice:<github_username>.png
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Using this url, I have been able to integrate my profile picture in the markdown file like so:

![GitHub profile picture](
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And just like that, I have been able to access dynamically to my GitHub profile picture and to include it in my markdown portfolio.

Thank you all for reading this article, And until my next article, have a splendid day 😉

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