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Taking a leap on data: Revolutionizing data usage with tokenization

Strict privacy regulations on how to use and manage sensitive data can bind you. But you cannot stop working on your business. Data de-identification and minimization are techniques that pave the way for you to use the data without compromising on privacy. One of these revolutionary techniques is tokenization. Let us understand it further.

The basic concept of tokenization is to replace sensitive (or any other) data with tokens that can represent the original values. Finance and healthcare industries are examples of the usage of such techniques, minimizing the exposure of confidential information to processing systems. Token values allow a smooth business operation by letting analytical workflow use the information they need.

For example, a company is working on developing a product that can help people improve their credit score according to their age. The raw data they pull up will have sensitive information like Social Security Number, email, or contact details. Tokenization will mask this data with surrogate values that will reduce the risk while you analyze the information as per requirements.

Cryptographic token formats can keep their referential integrity that might be required as a unique identifier. The system will be able to process it and give you a report without jeopardizing the privacy of that data. You can visit to create a number, i.e., a digital representation of your data and an access link that can be used online or offline. The data can be white papers, books, codes, or any other text. Just use the unique number for back data conversion.

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