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Yet another JS framework(HYDROGEN)

Shopify have recently released a React based JavaScript framework called HYDROGEN. Just like Next.js its focused on SSR(Server Sider Rendering) components. But if we already have Next.JS why do we need another framework similar to it?
HYDROGEN is made to create fully customizable shopify based E-Commerce web apps. Since its based on Nex.JS we have features of nextjs available to us and it also comes with many predefined components and hooks to ease your development.
It also comes with built-in cache defaults support for non-blocking data-fetching, ensuring a fast shopping experience.
Hydrogen perfomance
And it uses Vite for bundling instead of Webpack
Vite logo
Hydrogen also uses shopify's GraphQL api to steam data easy and efficiently.
Shopify hydrogen graphql
Shopify is also going to launch a hosting service for Hydrogen APPs called Oxygen.
Oxygen hosting for hydrogen

Final thoughts

Hydrogen is react(next.js) based framework, so if you already know react and you develop custom storefronts it might be a great idea to leverage the extra powers that Hydrogen gives you on top of Next.JS

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Raí B. Toffoletto

This looks super interesting for e-commerce based on shopify backend. Thanks for sharing it!!

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I'm gald you liked it

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Martin Pham