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Typing game but for programmers

Lets be honest writing codes is nothing like typing regular text.
Though is not a huge factor for everyday coding. But I'd still love to have a tool help me with practicing to write codes. So I made that tool. Although it doesn't have assessments of a full blown IDE, it's pretty decent and have syntax highlighting, preserving indentation and auto bracket closing feature. And its opensource so fell free to have a look at the codes.
You can play it here
typing game for programmers

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Daniel Dušek

Nice idea! The only thing that makes it hard for me to play is that it enforces "white-space" perfect precision and has a syntax I don't like to use (e.g. no space before opening angel-brackets (if(...){ vs if (...) {).

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Yo can get the codes from Github
And make a better version that has all the features you want
Best of luck 👍