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100% Remote work

Leonardo Garcia
Just a dev. I have been in the software industry for 4 years now. Always looking to learn more about other technologies!
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Working from the office

Since 2016 I have worked in an office. I gained 2 work from home days that I used on Tuesday and Thursday. I thought this was a really nice balance of in office and work from home WFH.

Turn of events

Since the worlds most recent turn of events, a lot of companies have been forced to have their employees WFH for the foreseeable future. Including the company I work at. Making the sudden change from the office to full remote can be difficult. I know there are a lot of lucky people who have the opportunity to still work from home during these times.

I believe that is where the work force was bound to go. Full remote where possible. Companies can no longer keep sourcing talent locally and think that it's the best. Maybe the best employee lives in a different state or different country!

This is the beauty of working from home. It allows companies to expand their work force to be stronger and more diverse too!

What are your thoughts on the sudden shift in remote work?

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