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Ricardo Sueiras
Ricardo Sueiras

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What are your essential open source tools when starting a new project?

In speaking with developers, one of the common things I hear is how they stumble upon or learn about new tools that help them improve how they work.

This got me interested to dig deeper. When starting a new project, what are the essential open source tools that you have begun to depend upon?

I am interested to hear about and learn more about what open source tools, frameworks, and libraries you all have in your toolbox that help you develop, test, and then deploy your applications.

If you are able/happy to share, please reply in comments.

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Ranjan Dailata

Since you haven't mentioned anything about the technology, it's very difficult to share the details.

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Ricardo Sueiras

I am interested in developers general approach - so if you were to sit down to develop a web application, or perhaps develop an API, what are the open source tools, libraries, frameworks that you would use?

As an example, if I was putting together an API, my tooling tends to include: VSCode (IDE), CDK (Iac), Spring Boot, OpenJDK (Amazon Corretto), PostgreSQL, Cedar (authorisation), and KeyCloak (authentication)