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Harish Kulkarni
Harish Kulkarni

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πŸ”₯ One year of my professional career and things I learned which might help you πŸ™

The secret of getting ahead is getting started -Mark Twain.

Introduction ⚑️

Hello World!! πŸ’»

I am Harish; I completed the first year of my professional career in coding as a front end dev. I started with React and Redux on my first company project and here to share my continuous learning journey.

I have tried to make it generic, My thoughts and learnings might help you more if you are new to coding or would like to get into Web development. Here they are:

1) Try different things.

Try to find out what you are excited to do and also ask yourself whether you would enjoy doing it daily.

Soon after graduation or if you are new to coding, It's time for you to think about what you are interested in and get to know more about yourself. I think it is totally fine if you spend some time trying new and different things and also experiment with them by building or creating something out of it.

I tried all different things a little bit like exploring basics of AI and ML, Blockchain, Digital marketing, Unity game engine, Blender animation, Web development (since they were the coolest tech domain) and now I completely love working on Front end web and being connected with JavaScript ecosystem.

2) Become good at one thing you like and know other things as well.

You must try n learn everything on that one thing you liked, and would also explore and know a little bit on a few other topics as well. I believe this helps incredibly if you are working with other domain experts, Where it is popularly called being a T-shaped personβœ”οΈ. It means you understand that one topic really good (Vertical bar of T), while the top of the T refers to an ability to collaborate with experts from other disciplines.

3) Learn, Plan, Create

This is almost self-explanatory.


  • Try to learn everything on the topic(that you found out you are interested in. for eg. Front end web development) from the internet and it's official docs. For example, for web development, you can start with,, MDN and of course youtube. I use Feedly to get all articles in one place.
  • Don't wait for a friend to join you for the meetup you always wanted to attend and remember to network with other folks at the meetup and make the most out of it by learning their experiences. Use Meetup to find out where all meetups are scheduled.
  • Control your viewing content, try not to clutter your feeds with irrelevant content, follow the people who are doing amazing in your field(for eg. Front end web developers) and try to learn how they learn things. Also, the best way to keep updated is to know what the source is. Since that is where all the innovation happens.
  • Listen to podcasts when you don't have access to your laptop. Most of the podcasts are available in Spotify.

Plan and Create:

  • Time for action is Now: Now you have learnedπŸ“„ and studied more on the topic, It's time to create somethingπŸ”¨ out of it. Where you put all your learnings, Build something out of it and finally remember to help each other in the same community.

Where learning and creating continues parallelly.

I would encourage all of you to share your learning journey. This is my first post, ❀Feel free to add your thoughts which might help others and better oneself.πŸ‘

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charanbiswajit123 profile image
Biswajit Charan

Hi Harish, nice article, it will helps lots of fresher those are started carrier with new organization.

07harish profile image
Harish Kulkarni • Edited

Thank you Biswajit. Yes, The main purpose of this post was for freshers so that they get a good head start in their careers.

alexanderop profile image
Alexander Opalic

What are your favorite podcasts?

07harish profile image
Harish Kulkarni

Hi Alexander, I choose topics from JavaScript jabber, developer tea, the vanilla JavaScript and Tea with Tanay. What's yours favorite?