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OCBC | Found No Debit Card PIN for Applying One-Token while Signing in on a New Phone?

  1. In OCBC-SG app, tap "Log in to OCBC Singapore"
  2. Input Access code and PIN (this is not the Debit Card PIN)
  3. "Activate with SMS OTP and card PIN"
  4. Step 1: Enter the SMS OTP sent to your mobile number
  5. Step 2: tap "I do not have my card PIN"
  6. tick "Request Token Key"
  7. Confirm your mailing address (Note: Changing mailing address is not supported because while submitting the new mailing address on web personal banking, error would pop-up: "Sorry, you are not able to continue this transaction. Please activate OneToken by going to Manage OCBC OneToken in your Mobile device")

Since for overseas users, it will take about 3 weeks to receive this ordinary mail that contains your Debit Card PIN. Too Late.

Instead, after 2-3 working days, call Service Phone to ask the representative to send the PIN to your Secured Mailbox.

Don't worry, even without OneToken, you could still access your Secured Mailbox, by logging into OCBC app via Access Code, Access PIN and the OTP sent to your phone number.

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