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lifelong learning ~~

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Stop using virtualenv, pyenv, nvm, goenv and Use Docker images

i just still not comfortable using Docker for Development pur...

Dependency Injection with Doug the Goldfish 🐠

it seems like i use DI everyday without knowing what is DI ac...

I've rebuilt my portfolio. Now it loads in less than 1 sec! Here's how I did it! ⚑

can you give information where i can running test like that ??

On Death and Dying: Ruby on Rails

yeah !!

The Art of Debugging

breakpoints is our best friend

Do you Git Branch in personal projects?

use multi branch, ci/cd, and multi-stage

Full System Architecture of my React-Flask App


Show and tell: Show off your vim setup πŸš€

how to can debug some go/js/python/ruby projects in vim/nvim ...

Amazon Coding Interview: Robot Return to Origin (LeetCode)


Get your first dev job by building these projects! #2: Markov Chain Lyrics Generator

nice idea ^___^

help with docker compose

can we see domain name in a internal docker network ??

How do you stay motivated?

i still motivated when i have responsibility for any work or ...

Feb. 28, 2020: What did you learn this week?

For this week I focused learn how to hardening Linux operat...

Legacies Never Die: How to Handle Legacy Code

when implement forgotten feature..

πŸ“˜ Study tips from a Computer Science student

and don't forget to exercise with solve a programming problem...

The IDE - The beginner's trap !

vim ftw maybe