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Front-End Developer, Open Source fan from South Africa, living in Japan.

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BS Honours Computer Science, UCT


Front-end Developer

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re: Videos auto-playing on Dev.to
I think so too! My tab close response is almost automatic.
re: Videos auto-playing on Dev.to
Sometimes the posts have a transcript underneath and then I'm...
re: Creating MERN Stack Applications (2020)
Awesome article Andrew, thanks a lot! Out of curiosity have y...
re: My guide to solving problems
Awesome post! Thanks for sharing.
re: 3 Mistakes Junior Developers Make with React Function Component State
Great post, thank you!
re: Software Developer Workflow 2020 (MERN Stack)
Nice breakdown. Thanks for posting!
re: React - how to render adjacent JSX elements
Thanks for the post. I'm going to try and use Fragments more ...
re: Display a message to returning visitors using a JavaScript cookie
Nice post. Thanks!
re: Goodbye Master, Hello...What?
At a previous company I worked at we had master and develop w...
re: How I created devchallenges.io in just 3 Months in my free time
Looks great!
re: 6 Super Useful Menubar Apps For MacOS
Bitbar is awesome! It's also the only decent way to control c...
re: 6 Super Useful Menubar Apps For MacOS
Whoops! I used the wrong link. I haven't really used the iOS ...
re: 6 Super Useful Menubar Apps For MacOS
As an alternative to Flow I can recommend Just Focus it's a s...
re: Is it safe to use Disqus for my Blog?
This would be awesome!
re: 21 best productivity tools suggested by the Dev.to community
Just an FYI Pomofocus's basic features are free but it has a ...
re: Can you suggest me Free productivity tools?
If you need a pomodoro timer I can recommend pomofocus.io/
re: Week 6: Backend Basics and the Command Line
Nice! I'm wrapping my head around backend now so looking forw...
re: Yet another attempt at FFI for Node.js
No gonna lie I read FFI as Final Fantasy I, but I enjoyed the...
re: Learn how to create React JS table with hooks that has delete functionality too
Nice post!
re: I'm creating an entire web OS as my personal website for 2021
This is so amazing! Thank you for sharing this :D
re: A Practical Guide to TypeScript - How to Build a Pokedex app using HTML, CSS, and TypeScript
Nice TS introduction. Thanks!
re: Facebook and more big tech companies are going to lean into distributed work. What is going to suck about this?
I think remote work will be difficult for junior devs particu...
re: ๐Ÿ•บCrack the tell me about yourself interview question
Great post! Thank you
re: How to create a native macOS app on Go (Golang) and React.js with full code protection โ€” Part 1
Challenge accepted! ๐Ÿ˜†
re: How to create a native macOS app on Go (Golang) and React.js with full code protection โ€” Part 1
Great article! Loved the writing structure with questions and...
re: What is Firebase๐Ÿ”ฅ and why should you learn it?
Great post! Looking forward to the next one.
re: 50+ free tools and resources to create awesome user interfaces
Great post! Thanks for all these new resources!
re: Portable NodeJS without administrator access
Hey Max, I don't have any Go experience unfortunately but if ...
re: How to transform a React app built on Webpack to PWA
Nice post. Always been interested in PWAs this makes things m...
re: Why I Rebuilt My Portfolio Site Using GatsbyJs
Great article! I've also noticed the trend of single page por...
re: Improve your React skills with these 5 tips
Nice article! I learnt some new tricks. Thank you
re: Portable NodeJS without administrator access
Hey Dainius, assuming you are wanting to install onto a usb...
re: How Do You Automate Your Boilerplate?
Awesome thanks for letting me know!
re: What I've learned from my 2nd Game | Teddy's Crew
Awesome thanks for quick response! You have given me some f...
re: What I've learned from my 2nd Game | Teddy's Crew
I'm curious about your thoughts on using JavaScript in Game...
re: How Do You Automate Your Boilerplate?
I create my own templates/boilerplate and then use github.c...
re: Update: Best new way to learn music theory
Nice work! Any chance of a dark theme in the future? ;)
re: The Accessible Developer's Starter Kit
Nice article! Thank you.
re: Software Developer Salaries in Japan: The Ultimate Guide
@eric , Thank you so much for this post. I'm trying to get ...
re: How I developed an app that runs and syncs on both desktop and mobile platforms alone
Thanks for another great article Takuya!
re: What's your audio player?
Can we get some love for command line players? For example cm...
re: How I Built a Markdown Editor Earning $1300/mo Profit โ€” Inkdrop
Thank you for a well written article. I'm inspired to keep wo...
re: How to use SVGs in React
I highly recommend the react-inlinesvg package for this kin...
re: Say hello to three new DEV team members!
Great to see a fellow South African moving up in the world!
re: Breaking the Shackles of create-react-app
Thank for posting! Nice and clear explanation for Webpack.
re: How to build Electron apps with React.
Awesome that makes sense. Thank you ๐Ÿ™
re: How to build Electron apps with React.
This might be a noob question but what does the flag combin...
re: How to build Electron apps with React.
Just started building a react-electron boilerplate for myself...
re: In 2020, dark or light should be the default theme?
Personally do what you like and offer the alternative. I li...
re: Best new way to learn music theory
Interesting! I'll follow your progress :)
re: 6 Github Repos for web developers you should have a look at
Thank you for this post! ๐Ÿ™
re: Windows vs MacOS vs Linux: My Story (and share yours too!)
Started on Windows XP, left at Vista and have been on macOS e...
re: How JavaScript works: Optimizing the V8 compiler for efficiency
Excellent content! Thank you for posting.
re: When Are You Ready to Freelance as a Front-End Developer?
Nice post! Thanks for writing.
re: Creating a Markdown Blog with Next.js
Great article! Thanks for writing.
re: Upgrade macOS to Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts for a more Productive Development Workflow
Nice article! I'm glad you mentioned Amethyst I have been a...
re: What is React-Redux and how to improve UX
Nice article! Just getting started with Redux and this was ...
re: Apples announces new 16-inch Macbook Pro
I got the 'new' pro like 11 months ago. Happy for others sa...
re: You're No Imposter
Great post thank you!
re: 10 superpowers HTML5 gives you (and you are not using)
Thank you for writing this post! Not the hero we deserve bu...
re: Music to Listen to While Coding
I 100% agree. I had to deal with the bandwidth issue for ye...
re: Music to Listen to While Coding
Looks like you mainly use youtube for your music but if you...
re: The DEV Team is now 100% Distributed
I'm also very interesting in all of the above! maybe a foll...
re: Why (Framework) traveling will not make you happy.
Love this post! Good promotion for mindfulness. Also curren...
re: Tetris: Building a game using JavaScript
Nice article! I look forward to the rest of the series.
re: 5 Quick Tips for Junior Level Interviews
Simple tips but very important. Thanks!
re: Spotify's lowkey tech playlist is brain fuel for my coding
I see you are a man of culture as well. I can recommend the...
re: New Site Theme: "Minimal Light"
Out of curiosity was this new theme inspired by FB Messenge...
re: Microsoft Edge Available for MacOS
Aside from a good session manager like SessionBuddy. It's g...
re: Using Standard with VSCode
@Zell! Nice article. One question, what font are you using ...
re: Microsoft Edge Available for MacOS
To be honest a large part of me has become disillusioned an...
re: How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably
Steph, thank you for writing this article! I will share thi...
re: What was your favorite song/album/artist to listen to while programming this week?
MASTER BOOT RECORD. masterbootrecord.bandcamp.com/
re: How do you manage your github notifications?
Seconded! It's a great app. I just wish it would sync with ...
re: Does a CS degree from Africa (especially Cameroon) is enough to land a tech job in any country ? Like USA, UK, or others.
Speaking as a South African a lot of my peers from various ...
re: What is AWS? A Guide for Beginners.
Amazing article. Easy to read and I now have a much better ...