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Typing Effect by using CSS


Image Slider Using HTML, CSS, and javaScript

Great!! check this with pure css

Automatic Image Slider Using Html Css & Javascript

Great I create one with only CSS

Best Free Icons of 2020

70+ Websites with Free Images/Videos and Tools for Your Projects

great!!! also

20 great resources to explore free vector images treasure also

Color palette from Images

on you can search by color

WOW!!! The Lorem Ipsum for photos :Lorem Picsum


Hero Images & 20 Free Places To Find Them

Great for hero i use have online IMAGE ...

Picking the right stock photo for your next design project

Thanks!!! check also

Free Stock Photos and Videos

Great Web, for video also

Best Sites With High Quality Free Stock Photos


20 Awesome Free Stock Photos Websites

Add Also

Best Resources to Find Textures and Patterns for websites

40 Free HTML landing page templates

Great!! check also

How to Upgrade to Python 3.7 on Ubuntu 18.04/18.10

Not work for me!!!

(Dungeons And Dragons) DnD Character Sheet Editable D&D


Real world Javascript map/reduce, solving the Poker Hand problem

Thanks!! I learn about min-max algo!!

πŸ”₯ 75 Awesome Resources For Web Developers πŸ”₯

check also

Maintaining Multi-language Angular Applications with i18n


Day 15/30 : Neumorphic Login Form Design using HTML and CSS