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Full-stack web developer programming Javascript, React and PHP. I have a YouTube channel. Creator of

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React Fragments – What, Why, How

I'm not sure if I understood correctly your question, but wha...

35 Awesome Dev People to Follow on YouTube 🔥

Great list! Subscribed to few new channels I did not know abo...

Best YouTube channels for Web Development

Thanks for the post! I've watched some of web dev simplified ...

How to write Javascript and React with VS Code FASTER!

Great to hear that you liked it!

5 Tips for Successful Remote Work

Thanks James! Great tips! I also think it is important to tr...

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Visual Studio Code

Thanks for the feedback! That's a good point, I will start do...

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Visual Studio Code

Great to hear you liked it!

Developer Fears: Estimation

Good article! I find estimating how long a task takes really ...

What is your favorite code Editor

I like vs code. It has everything I need and it works fast :)

Best GitHub Repos for Web Developers

Very nice collection, thank you! :)

Want to Learn Web Development and Like YouTube Videos? Read This!

Thanks! I too like to find others with new channels and yours...

Number #1 Problem for Developers - Solved!

Cool! I haven't heard of that before, gotta check it out too!

Number #1 Problem for Developers - Solved!

That's good to know, thanks!

How to style Draft.js editor

Great to hear that you got it working!

How to style Draft.js editor

Hi Ivdang! Could you share e.g. a codesandbox link with you...

Rich text editing in React with Draft.js - Course

Hi, Thanks for asking! I used class based components on thi...

Joi — awesome code validation for Node.js and Express

This was very helpful post, thank you! :)

How to style Draft.js editor

That's weird, it should work straight out of the box just w...

How to style Draft.js editor

Hi! If you want to show the scrollbar only when needed, you...

NestJS - The missing piece to easily develop full-stack TypeScript web applications

Very well written and good overview of Nest! Thank you!

Welcome Thread - v13

Nothing specific problems AFAIK but you are right, he said ...

Welcome Thread - v13

Coffee, code and motorcycles. Sounds great!

Welcome Thread - v13

Hello! I have a friend who has been working with elixir for...

Welcome Thread - v13

Hello! My name is Tuomo and I am a full-stack web developer...

Regrets in a 1-year-old React project

Good points! I have worked on a React + Redux project for a...