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I'm dabbling on web-dev, robot-operating-system and computer vision projects.


SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur

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Can we help the people of Kabul?

Definitely. I am in.

8 reasons why having a blog is as important as having a GitHub

Got me into serious thinking. I should get in a habit of writ...

8 Fundamental Principles of Effective Web Design

Loved your post and the resources. Thanks for sharing ❤️.

Space Exploration (What's all the outrage about?)

Until now I never saw the bright side of the recent developme...

Project Ideas to Make You a Better Developer

Thanks for writing this article. I now realize that I should ...

Am I a good dev?

Loved your post. It is indeed very natural to feel overwhelme...

Aim for quality over consistency (100 Bytes Of Wisdom: Day 65)

I totally agree with his byte of wisdom. My take on this diff...

Are you on TikTok?

Yeah, "Adarsh" is my real name! 😂

Get rating for you portfolio.

Here is my "About me" website: It does not sho...

These habits will make you a better developer

I loved reading your post. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

Are you on TikTok?

I live in India and TikTok is banned here!

Top 40 Docker interview questions (with answers)

Thanks for sharing. I was able to strengthen my understanding...

Tracking every minute of my day.

Well, you can only be doing one thing at any given time. If I...

Tracking every minute of my day.

Yeah, one may forget to enable the timer before picking up th...

Tracking every minute of my day.

This blog was an interesting read.

Tracking every minute of my day.

Wow. This CLI is super cool. Thanks for sharing it.

How to choose your future employer? Questions to ask during your next interview

Nice article. Thanks for sharing ❤️

Your Product Shouldn't Be an App

Really nice article. Gave me some new insight and demystified...

I tracked every minute of my time for the last 4 months. Here are 7 totally unexpected results

This article was a real eye opener for me. I am going to try ...

5 HTML Tags That Almost Nobody Knows

Really insightful. Thank you for sharing.

Create a custom cursor for your website

Thanks for the article and this comment.

Linux Terminal: A Beginner’s Guide

The cal and date was new information for me. Thanks for shari...

How much effort do you put into commit messages?

Thank you for sharing this. It's looks fun and interesting to...

How much effort do you put into commit messages?

This looks interesting. I should look this up soon. Maybe I c...

Welcome Thread - v102

Hello everyone. I'm going to be honest with y'all. I'm joinin...