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a developer with skills of php / mysql / c# / c++ / mssql / shell / linux etc.

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Getting Started with JavaScript Modules

Great! Thank you.

20 Killer JavaScript One Liners ☝️

Thanks for sharing. Well done.

Web Scraping with Javascript and Node.js

Great! A good introducing to crawl web page with nodejs.

Learn callbacks, promises, Async/Await by Making Ice Cream 🍧🍨🍦

Interesting introducing, thank you!

9 Simple Full Screen Navigation Menu Using CSS

Wonderful designing. Thank you.

What is the Virtual DOM? (Let's build it!)

Performance is important. Thank you.

A simple way to detect if browser is on a mobile device with Javascript

Thank you!

A simple way to detect if browser is on a mobile device with Javascript

thanks for your improvement! :)

CSS skeleton loading screen animation

Amazing effect on css, thanks for sharing.

111 amazing resources you're gonna love 💖

Cool, thanks for sharing!

CSS Frosted glass credit card

Cool and impressive!!

50 free tools and resources you're gonna love

Thanks for sharing these very useful tools.

Level up your JavaScript browser logs with these console.log() tips

Excellent! This article is really useful.

How to Build a Chrome Extension

Excellent! I like this post!

Full Docker Course [FREE] 🎉 🐳

Really good course to learning docker. Thank you!

6 Powerful CSS Techniques You Can Use Instead of Javascript

Thanks! It's really helpful.

Get top 50 web traffic sites with Python

Someone provide a method that add a header with "authority":...

JavaScript Katas: Calculate total amount of points

Amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

Get top 50 web traffic sites with Python

Since the similarweb response the request of these code witho...

Useful JavaScript array methods - Part 2

Very useful, thank you!