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I'm Abhinava Ghosh, a Computer Science and Engineering Student who is passionate about simplifying things through technology. I work with all kinds of modern Java,Android and JavaScript Applications.



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Get your web developer portfolio reviewed for FREE here's mine.its not the most fancy.Would like a...

Stickers on your laptop?

stickers are cool !

Hacktoberfest Swags 💯

congratulations! long live open source.

Which concept took you the longest to grasp?

recursion! still struggling xD

My Portfolio Page (I will be happy to hear comments :))

Nice work ,I really liked your effort ,and yes I do agree wit...

Top 10 Most Demanding Programming Languages 2020

Good to see Java up top !

Why You Should Start Pair Programming

@sararf22 you can try "indie hackers" if you have a project ...

Java 7 -> Java 8

Updated. Thanks.

21 Awesome DEV portfolios for your inspiration

Really liked this one: Bruno Simon Creativity at its best.

Join us at jCloud Day!

@arkodyutisaha how do i share my badges and achievements

Introducing DevNews — A New Podcast From DEV!

just a suggestion: Please add a timestamp of individual topi...

Are you Java expert? What will be the output of the given code snippet?

octal !

We want to feature your voice on DevDiscuss! This week's topic: Vim

Vim is the grand-daddy of ide's. Vim is older than many of th...

The No Jargon Guide – Article 3 – What Even IS Web Development?

Nice informative post. Just a suggestion : try avoiding capit...

What is an analogy or visualization of a coding concept that really helped you understand it better?

A really great analogy i use to differentiate between when an...

Let's talk about STREAMS !!

Glad you liked the article. But just one thing to point out ...

Let's talk about STREAMS !!

Using FP in monads for example is not very common , and as fa...

Let's talk about STREAMS !!

agreed! Actually we use .forEach() so frequently with Streams...

Opinion Needed !

so Kotlin seems the probable way to go if someone is planning...

What IDE / Code editors have you used?

Notepad -> notepad++ -> sublime -> pycharm -> vsc...

Common Java myths and misconceptions

That's why Google is pushing kotlin ,maybe.

Ask Me Anything: Career Development

Do I need to shift from java to kotlin for android, bcoz I se...

Common Java myths and misconceptions

Just a question! Does google have to pay Oracle for using jav...


very practical example i must agree!


Topic for 21-7-2020 is Java Access Modifiers Topic for 23-7-2...

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