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Design DB schema and generate SQL code with dbdiagram.io

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8 min read

Install & use Docker + Postgres + TablePlus to create DB schema

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9 min read

How to write & run database migration in Golang

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8 min read

Generate CRUD Golang code from SQL | Compare db/sql, gorm, sqlx, sqlc

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15 min read

Write Go unit tests for db CRUD with random data

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15 min read

A clean way to implement database transaction in Golang

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15 min read

DB transaction lock & How to handle deadlock

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23 min read

How to avoid deadlock in DB transaction? Queries order matter!

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11 min read

Deeply understand Isolation levels and Read phenomena in MySQL & PostgreSQL

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33 min read

How to setup Github Actions for Go + Postgres to run automated tests

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15 min read

Implement RESTful HTTP API in Go using Gin

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19 min read