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Full Stack Engineer || Java || Graduated From Government Engineerig College Thrissur. Interested in Data Structures in Java


BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from Government Engineering College, Thrissur


Full Stack Engineer Java

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Migrating Your Open Source Builds Off Of Travis CI

I was using travis last year as a part of learning and it was...

Git Commands That Could Save your Project

Can you please say a bit about git commit --amend. Thank you.

Striver's SDE Sheet Journey - #4 Kadane's Algorithm

Wish you good luck to complete the sheet successfully.

First ever Hackathon

it looks cool

Leet Code Soltion - Roman to Integer

Good approach, also please do code formatting for the java co...

Git Cheat Sheet- 20 commands I Use Everyday

Is it git remote add or git add remote. Correct me if I am wr...

380. Insert Delete GetRandom O(1)

I am just trying to do the daily challenges, at least a singl...

Hacktoberfest 2021! My second contribution

Wow, great for making the pull request and also you learned s...

Merge Sort and Quick Sort!

Sharing my code for the quicksort import java.util.*; pub...

Introducing Angular Mini Blog Series - Part 1

Great starting, waiting for more and learn.. :)πŸ‘

Git Hack: Make commit with a past date

I generally use --amend to modify the recent commit message

Solution: Swim in Rising Water

"Dijkstra's algorithm uses a depth first search (DFS) approac...

Solution: Search Suggestions System

My Java Solution using Trie Data Structure : class Solutio...

JS interview in 2 minutes / Memoization πŸ’­

Dynamic programming :)

How to Solve Any Algorithm

Great article with a nice example

Angular : How to use *ngIf else? [Including NgIf, ngIfThen and ngIfElse with Live Demo]

Great, Continue with other topics from angular.. :)

Solution: Flatten Binary Tree to Linked List

My Java Solution using Recursion class Solution { priv...

JavaScript Interview Question #40: What is the type of `undefined` in JS?

So, typeof always returns a string and if we do a check like ...

Solution: Maximum Points You Can Obtain from Cards

Sharing my Java Solution class Solution { public int m...

Solution: Delete Operation for Two Strings

My Java Solution by using LCS concept class Solution { ...

Solution: Convert Sorted List to Binary Search Tree

Sharing my solution /** * Definition for singly-linked li...

Solution: Jump Game II

My Java Solution class Solution { public int jump(int[...

JS interview in 2 minutes / Static vs Dynamic typing

My understanding after reading this post: Javascript is dynam...

Explain Kubernetes to me like I'm Five

Just Wow

Have you been impacted by joining developer communities?

Its really nice to be in communities where we can share our p...

Status instead of isLoading boolean?

Thats great, thanks for sharing

Solution: Power of Three

Here is my attempt on this problem : class Solution { ...

Solution: Is Graph Bipartite?

We can solve it using Union Find Template : class Solution...

Solution: Combination Sum IV

class Solution { public int combinationSum4(int[] nums, ...

Solution: Remove Nth Node From End of List

My Java Solution :

The Best Way To Learn Algorithms and Data Structures

These are very handy for DSA and the basic concepts. Second ...

The Best Way To Learn Algorithms and Data Structures

Tech Dose Channel : My...

Solution: Number of Submatrices That Sum to Target

My Code on this problem : class Solution { public int ...

Angular Learning

Thank you, I will be following you now..

What features to include in my java project Check this list, and t...

What features to include in my java project

What kind of project you are planning, will you be using any ...

Angular Learning

Yeah Sure.. Thank you

What are Microservices: The Pros and Cons

Good Post..

Solution: Design Circular Queue

Here is my Java Solution using Array class MyCircularQueue...

Best Light Weight Code Editor's For Developer's.

Sublime text is very good for everyone