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Engineering Manager at Doctolib

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Browser extension - Deploy your extension

It really depends on what the addon is for. For something as ...

Mocking the system clock with Jest

Hello! Thanks for commenting! It's been explained well in the...

Browser Extension - Extension architecture

Thank you! Happy to hear that 😊

Browser Extension - Extension architecture

Thanks 😊

My 2021 wishlist for DEV

This is fantastic, thanks!

How do you share tips, knowledge and content with your teammates?

Thanks for sharing! Won't the board get crowded with too much...

How do you share tips, knowledge and content with your teammates?

I forgot to mention the Code Tours, amazing tool to share kno...

Dynamic templates with Tmuxinator

Thanks! It's ruby

Running rspec tests with keyboard shortcuts in VS Code

Haha, great minds come together:

Advent of Code - Day 1

Happy to see you took on the challenge! 😁 👏

Advent of code - Day 7

Damn, it's been a long time I haven't written a single line o...

Advent of code - Day 7

This is part 2! Actually I always traversed in the same orde...

How long does it take for your test suite to run?

I think we can have around 60 to 80 builds in parallel (which...

How long does it take for your test suite to run?

We have 21k tests (half are end to end tests). It takes ~15 m...

How to compare two arrays in javascript?

This is not working: let botType = [1,2,3] let serviceList...

Do you prefer callbacks, promises, or async/await?

For me all of them have a different purpose. By default, if y...

A Common Roadblock Going from Junior to Mid-level

For the "learn your shortcuts", some IDEs have amazing plugin...

Snapshot Driven Development with Jest

Very good point thanks for sharing!

What's your 1st programming language & What you use today?

First was C, before studyimg computer science. Now it's mostl...

Guide me in Opensource

Maybe have a look at this post:

Var, Let, and Const...What's The Difference?

Eslint can help with old habits:

How to Contribute to Open Source Project

Another good read with suggestions about this:

How to Contribute to Open Source Project

If you want help get started, we organise a bi-monthly remote...

Why You Should Start Contributing to Open Source Software Right Now

With my company we organise a bi-monthly Meetup to help peopl...

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