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The Best Swift Books For Learning iOS Development

Have you read any of these?

Thoughts on SwiftUI navigation

SwiftUI is the worst library i have ever used. Workaround on ...

Setup React Native And Run App On Mac M1

How about the m1 performance? My 2017 13" macbook pro heats u...

React Best Practices

How do test components with hooks?

Easily fetch data: react-api-hook

Can you run multiple requests in parallel? Can you chain one ...

Easily fetch data: react-api-hook

Add a few more requests and turn your components into an unre...

Ways of Getting Data from API in React

Imagine you are setting state on a successful response. If th...

Ways of Getting Data from API in React

How to cancel the request once the component is unmounted?

Why I recommend MobX for React Native in 2020

Class components aren't going anywhere.

Move from Redux to MobX - reduce boilerplate

useEffect(() => { getTodos() }, [getTodos]); Why did you ...

What's the most fun trip you ever went on? 😎


Recoil - Ideal React State Management Library?

Great article! Does recoil have some sort of a devtools exte...

Is it better to use JQuery in header or footer?

Footer, but make sure you wait for the page to load.

My personal portfolio site. Some feeback / tips?

Look nice, simple and straight to the point. I'd add a few co...

Abstracting Click Events in React

My point was that the article did not convince me to use the ...

Abstracting Click Events in React

Sorry mate, but I'd rather have a separate function over a cl...

Introducing Replay: a cross-platform JS game engine inspired by React

Yes!!! Thank you!

πŸ’‘ 10 VS Code extensions I can't code without

These are nice. I will definitely give them a try. Thank you!

What was your win this week?

Finally finished my react-native side project. Also started r...

React devs, why did you start using React?

It was alright, i got used to react pretty quickly. I miss ...

React devs, why did you start using React?

I got an offer fron a company that's using react-native. I ...

Name the song you love the most 😁

What are you guys working on?

I used this course

What are you guys working on?

I am building a puzzle game with react-native. Trying to ma...


Good point there

5 Canny little tricks for React devs

These are really handy. Thank you for sharing!

Covid-19 API

Thank you!

I refactored a large codebase from Enzyme to React testing library. Ask me anything

What was wrong with enzyme?

React: Creating a Custom Hook for Fetching Data

Awesome! What about the case where you make an async reques...

Stop using for loops. Here's why.

If you are working with very large lists of data, the for l...

Your code should tell a story: Tips for writing code for others to read

I really like these tips. Thank you!

First impressions on Flutter as a React Native dev

Everything you've mentioned can be applied to react-native ...

HowTo: Alternative way to display placeholder for empty React Native FlatList

As per documentation,ListEmptyComponent is the one devs shoul...

tools/libraries on developing a react native app

Cool! At work we use (.)Net framework, but for my personal...

tools/libraries on developing a react native app

A brief description of your future app would be great.

Diary - React Native TESTING !@#?

What's the point of the snapshots? You create one, then cha...

Will Native Development be dead for good in 2020?

I can't express how much i dislike react-native. It's so ha...

Thenables: Await objects and cancel or defer your promises!

Nice one! By the way, do you have an example of how to use ...

Handle React Native crashes with the componentDidCatch error boundary

Does this work with native errors?

I've released over 100 apps in React Native since 2015, Ask Me Anything!

Hi Kyle. Have you ever had a task to develop a lock screen ...