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Understanding the importance of the key prop in React 🗝

Good explanation to an important concept

Another GIT framework workflow

We do exactly this in our team and it works well

Building a Search Engine API with Node/Express and Puppeteer using Google Search

Cool article, waiting for part 3

Chrome Extension That Skips YouTube Ads (+Steps How To Create It)

Thanks very cool, didn't know it was this easy to make a si...

9 free/cool web APIs to use in your next project

You're welcome to take a look

9 free/cool web APIs to use in your next project

Cool article I might use the Genius api. I like the reddit...

The Command Design Pattern in JavaScript

Nice article, but the rename bug could be caught be using T...

7 hard truths about starting a career as a developer

Great read, important to know

Design an easy to use and flexible REST API

Hi nice post. In my opinion, GET /api/user returning the l...

You don't need useReducer

Nice, I like it. I have yet to come across a situation whe...

7 Most Popular Node.js Frameworks in 2019

Nice article. I use Express in my job, it has the great adv...

5 JavaScript functions to add to your utilities library

It's a neat trick, but it's a little YAGNI isn't it? I can'...

Harnessing the Page Visibility API with React

That's right

Introduction to functional programming with Python examples

Thanks for the article. Personally I really don't like the...

The perfect architecture flow for your next Node.js project

I really liked the functional approach of the dependency in...

Harnessing the Page Visibility API with React

Hi nice article, you're missing an empty array at the end o...