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Give Your CSS Superpowers with CSS Variables

Great introduction. With my polyfill it works in IE11 too: j...

RIP jQuery: An alternative for modern browsers

domProxy is a good alternative to jQuery. Basically it's a No...

Understanding CSS Variables

With this polyfill, IE11 also understands css-variables: gi...

Using CSS Custom properties (variables)

IE11 polyfill:

CSS Quickies: CSS Variables - Or how you create a 🌞white/🌑dark theme easily

Thanx. Here the Demo in IE11 with just adding the polyfill:...

CSS Quickies: CSS Variables - Or how you create a 🌞white/🌑dark theme easily

And for IE11 i made this polyfill (linked on caniuse) githu...

CSS Variables Cheat Sheet

You can try this polyfill, it just works:

Create your first CSS Custom Properties (Variables)

Great Post! I made your Demo work with IE11

How to make responsiveness super simple with CSS Variables

You can try this polyfill:

CSS variables are great!

For Internet Explorer, you can try this polyfill:

Learn CSS Variables in 5 minutes

If you have to support IE11, you can try this polyfill: git...

Using Custom Properties to ⚡️Supercharge your CSS⚡️

CSS variables are great! Therefor i wrote a polyfill for IE...

How using CSS variables helped me cut down on JavaScript

Or this (my) polyfill which gives IE11 almost complete supp...

Theming With CSS Variables

Also works in IE11 with this polyfill:

Don't miss out on css variables

I made a polyfill to target IE11 Maybe someone can use it: ...

Detecting Select All on the Web

Unfortunately it does not work in Firefox. :(