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JavaScript Full Stack Developer currently working with fullstack JS using React and Express. Follow me if you’re interested in web development stuff

React Styled Components: Inline Styles + 3 Other CSS Styling Approaches (with examples)

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6 min read

Building Easier React Forms With Formik

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Building a chat app with React Hooks, a pragmatic example

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Free book to learn JavaScript

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React Router Introduction

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5 min read

Is there a way to explain hooks without mentioning class component?

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Firebase as simple database to React app

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I used Bootstrap too often and I wonder how can I write good CSS without it?

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React Hooks are live. Here is your introduction

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React 101 - The Practical Introduction

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Step by step React configuration from setup to deployment

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JavaScript Basics Before You Learn React

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How To Make Interactive ReactJS Form

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ESLint seems useless to me. Should I use it?

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I'm running dev.to source code on Windows

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