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Making UI more delightful. User Interface & React-focused Engineer with a vision to bridge the gap between traditional boundaries of development and design.

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UI Engineer

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Easiest Way To Use Icons In React


Which JavaScript frameworks are worth learning in 2021?

I'll learn Adonis.Js because it's a full-stack framework that...

Best Tools For Web Development

W3Schools has several mistakes. MDN ( from Mozilla ) may the ...

I created my first npm package

It's inspired by create-react-app package, right?

How I became a professional self-taught developer in Germany while working a full time job

My situation is different. I was a clever computer science s...

5 daily resources for Web Developers

My daily resource is : MDN.

How to use optional chaining in JavaScript ES2020?

Simple and easy explanation. Thank you.

Show off your Workspace 👩🏻‍💻💯

That screen!

Show off your Workspace 👩🏻‍💻💯

You're an electric engineer!

How do you describe your job to family?

I'm struggling with that, especially when I tell that I will ...

So, how many of you respect CSS as a programming language?

I don't know why you called CSS as programming language ? whi...

How to write a great README for your GitHub project in 5 steps

You missed the contributors and the sponsors sections.

UX/UI: How Important Is It for Developers?

In fact, UX/UI is very important for front-end engineers not ...

Why you should drop ExpressJS in 2021

It's so hard to expect if the team will continue maintaining ...

10 Awesome Github Repos Every Web Developer Should Know

What about my young project: You Don't Know UI where develope...

Tips for Getting Hired as a Junior Dev Using Job Boards

I like it but it would be better if you organisedthe content ...

How To Build a Node.js Application with Docker [Quickstart]

Do we make static websites with express?

Node Authentication using passport.js - Part 1

Why you want to prevent it?

5 Things You Need To Become A Senior Developer

How to measure seniority: Rare skills. Years of experience....

Don't waste your time on a portfolio website

The fact that most of recruiters or HR managers don't read Co...

Don't waste your time on a portfolio website

It does not mean that someone with a degree can not have or ...

Don't waste your time on a portfolio website

Myself, I have not a portfolio even I have skills to build a...

I failed the tech assessment and still got the job

You won how to sell your value. You won't how show that you ...

5 Things You Need To Become A Senior Developer

I add : Knowledge in every topic in your field. Being able ...

Why you should create design systems, not pages?

Yes. You don't need to build a whole design system but you ca...

9 Steps to Get 100 Stars on GitHub

Obviously, I'm struggling to hit 100 stars for You Don't Know...

Explain Deno Like I'm Five

I tried to read Deno but I did not find a motivation to learn...

When Stack Overflow Goes Offline...

Ask dev community before StackOverflow.