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re: 5 Leadership Skills for Your Development Project that I learned watching Eliud Kipchoge run
Well, it's not only about leadership, the team is vital too...
re: Learn GatsbyJS by creating a tourism site -20
Thank you that was a fascinating journey! wish the best.
re: Learn GatsbyJS by creating a tourism site -11
I have a question, when I fetch data from contentfull it re...
re: Learn GatsbyJS by creating a tourism site -10
hey, I really enjoy the journey, I figured out on one of th...
re: How do you handle unproductive days at work?
That's so trueeeeee
re: 9 Evil Bash Commands Explained
Thank you for sharing horrible commands we should take care...
re: VS Code Shortcuts for code newbies [mac/windows][GIF]
In windows it was ctrl + d I think
re: How (and what) is it to be an independent developer?
self-discipline is so vital for developers, never ever go w...
re: Next.js, Expo, and React Native for Web! 🤩
That seems exciting, thank you for introducing.
re: 10 Telegram channels with remote job📢
All russian, kidding me?
re: Understanding MVC-Services for Frontend: VanillaJS
Awesome, thank you
re: 7 things to keep in mind during your initial days in Software Development.
Specific and detailed article, thank you though!
re: What I Look for During an Interview
I remember a interviewer was constantly asking questions th...
re: Creating a simple report in Laravel
Awesome, thank you for sharing this, there's a lot to learn
re: The 10 best articles I read in August
That was very cool list of articles thank you!
re: Complete Production Grade Restaurant Billing App built in React NextJS GraphQL
Hey, my I ask your vs theme?
re: What was your win this week?
My win was to know myself better and keep moving even when ...
re: Interview with Taylor Otwell: 6 Lessons Learned From Creating Laravel
Thanks for sharing this great talk!
re: How To Boost Your Productivity & Get Sh*t Done
Awesome article, continue this great work Emma!
re: How to develop self-discipline as programmers
Thank you Lewis, I'm glad that you like it😉
re: #100DaysOfCode
Very inspiring article thank you!
re: 5 Reasons Testing Code Is Great
Thank you for the good article, now I am more convinced to ...
re: May today be the day you enjoy life and your code.
Hello, thank you for the positive words and my best wishes ...
re: Lessons learnt from building and deploying a portfolio website
Hello that was pretty nice experience. I have a question an...
re: The Art of Project Management
I read the whole article, not only I enjoyed a lot, but als...
re: 5 Ways To Easily Validate Your Idea Before Its Too Late
Hello, your article is so insightful and realy helped me. ...
re: Three Arguments for Why You Should Write More
Thank you Marek! Any tips or resources for writing better?
re: Transform your habits into productivity routine ⌚️ + 💻 = 💪
This is so true, when we help other people and cooperate op...
re: Is this a €1.000,00 worth Node script?
Nice try buddy :))
re: Frontend Development Series
Hey Dilion that's great and that would be amazing if you ex...
re: 3 Reasons to Be and Stay Lazy
Partially true, but it will be a real problem in the future...
re: Text to speech in the browser with the Web Speech API
Sounds gripping! Will take the time to work on it...
re: The ONE book every developer MUST read!
good recommendation and I am definitely gonna read this boo...
re: 50 Things I Wish I'd Known at My First Developer Job (Part 1)
hello Jacob, thank you for sharing your experience, can you...
re: 5 things I wish they told me before starting my 1st web development job
Hey that was cool experience...
re: 7 Tips to boost your productivity as a web developer 🚀
Thank you!
re: Tips For Validating HTML Form Inputs
re: How working out has influenced me as a developer
As soon as I walk and exercise (keeping myself away for hou...
re: My 5 Favorite Software Design Principles 
Very specific and out-standing, thank you. I'm on my way le...
re: The Noob CMS: What we will create in this series?
The whole project sounds interesting, I'm excited to see th...
re: Top 5 tips to be a better programmer without programming!
thank you!
re: Protecting The First Website, Part 1: Common Threats
wish you could include more explanations but anyway that wa...
re: About Pair Programming
it's very difficult at first time as you said but I think i...
re: 5 Visual Studio Code Tricks to Boost Your Productivity
thanks. it was so handy tricks for a good life :))
re: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in a Trusted Environment
Thank you for this bewildering article, comfortzone kills o...
re: How to be a web developer in 7 steps - What to learn and where to start?
Very comprehensive however could be much better with intrud...
re: The code is a story
Cool I like the way you read code... Happy coding
re: Ways to make money as a developer
re: I'm a web developer who turned a learning side project into his 😍-looking portfolio website. Ask me anything!
That's great man keep going and just enjoy.I see some respo...
re: 4 Ways You Can “Level Up” As A Developer
great and considerable tips thank you!
re: More accurate the type, better the code
That was insightful thank you sikora!
re: Debugging - you’re doing it wrong. 10 techniques to find a bug in your code
Thanks man that was excellent article about debugging!
re: 5 must-do security tips for developers
Thanks for the article keep writing!
re: Do you want to be a Top Developer? You Must Build Things! - 7 Apps to Build
that was a huge inspiration thanks a lot!
re: I designed and coded a cross-platform app by myself!
Amazing just keep going
re: Becoming an 18 Year Old Software Developer
Keep the good work Mykolas! Never stop!!
re: Ultimate & Short Guide to Stop Procrastinating
Thank you!
re: What's your greatest software development skill?
Solving solutions and writing complex and clean programs ho...
re: What are your top ten command lines?
Ls .. Code . Cd d:\ Npm version "1.0.0" Git status Git comm...
re: Write Code That Writes Code
That is so true we need to foresee the future and make thim...
re: Building A Killer Personal Brand
Well explained
re: The Art of Programming
Everyone can learn programming but you need to be so passio...
re: A Starting Point for Writing Technical Blog Posts
Researching a lot about the subject you are going to write ...
re: UX Engineering
Emma does
re: Working in pressure situation is bad at all?
That was awesome thank you