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Currently developing for GDS on Digital Identity.

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Bcs Hons- Computer Science

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5 Popular Frontend Development Tools in 2021

Okay, let me rephrase, instead of calling it nonsense and jus...

5 Popular Frontend Development Tools in 2021

Instead of screaming "wrong". Maybe use this forum to explain...

What's the longest you've ever spent debugging a single bug?

Ha! I have a painful one. Took me nearly a good 3 days to fin...

Remote Engineering culture ideas

Love this... We have a hackthon coming up so might get some o...

Remote Engineering culture ideas

Yea we don't want 100 different places either. If Slack had a...

Where to Learn Nodejs ?

If money isn't an issue then I found Wes Bos course learnno...

What's most likely to kill your motivation for the day/month/year?

For me right now, Job hunting. I'm currently looking for a...

let var be const


Do you think a CS degree is a requirement for get a job?

I have a CS degree. IT IS NOT NEEDED!* (*Terms and conditio...

How to get started with Andrtoid development?

The official Android docs is a great place to start! devel...

Explain Big(O) Notation

Thank you!

What computer science concepts should devs without a CS background prioritize learning?

For some reason at my CS degree we hardly touched on Big O....

Whats on your desk?

Kinetic Sand!? Damn I should have thought of that!

What apps, software, or tools do you use and why?

My IDE/Text editor: First choice is Atom for anything wher...

Whats on your desk?


Whats on your desk?

White boards are a life saver!

Whats on your desk?

Im curious about the Chainsaw Pole! Do the Chainsaws come i...

Whats on your desk?

I really need to get myself a wrist rest. Any suggestions?

Whats on your desk?

Very motivating!

Whats on your desk?

Sometimes I imagine it's not a joke ;)

Whats on your desk?

Good old slinky!

Whats on your desk?

I spent my Monday yesterday trying to fully clear up my des...

Whats on your desk?

That's really motivating! A sort of work totem.

Whats on your desk?

I would have to try the fidget cube! Sounds like a great id...

What do your typical after-work hours look like?

For me, I try to keep myself busy. I wake up at 5 and do 3...