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Laravel Websockets in valet cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

In "pusher/pusher-php-server": "~5.0" and above version curl...

Mac M1 setup for Local Development with Laravel Valet

How is the performance and compatibility for Laravel developm...

Setting up Nextcloud as alternative to Google services

This is for technically advanced users, it is there a more us...

What image-hosting sites do you use?

Digital ocean Spaces + CDN is another cheap alternative, but ...

Is it possible that the software industry could become nearly 100% remote?

well I think you got to see that reality sooner than expected

Ruby on Rails vs Laravel: Which One is Better for App Development?

I had the impression that they were more similar than differe...

Flutter Text Field important things you need to know

Do you know how to "debounce" the onChanged callback?

How does deployment work at your organization?

SSH in the server and run “git pull origin master”

My first day as a software developer

I had to install Fedora in the laptop they gave to me, prev...

What are some common falsehoods about working as a software developer?

You know how to install printers

Laravel model factories with relation sharing foreign keys

Yeah, it saves a lot of repetition or helper functions

How many programming languages do you know?


There's a new DEV theme in town for all you 10x hackers out there (plus one actually useful new feature)

Now this website has the colors it deserves

How old were you when you wrote your first line of code?

23, sure I had written code before to courses in college, b...