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fullstack coder looking for a remote job

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8 years experienced Web Developer at looking for a remote job

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Notion template to organize your chords ๐ŸŽธand learning guitar

link is broken

Can you become a successful software developer without a CS degree? My opinion

I studied Geologilical Engineering ๐ŸŒ but I quit, because I wa...

How I remember everything I learn

I use for the same purpose.

Show off your Mug โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿฅค๐Ÿต

Turkish chay glass

Postwoman is changing name ๐Ÿ›ธ

Wrong decision. The name was the reason I was using. Insomnia...

Freelancers Aren't (Yet) Business Owners

I couldn't understand what is owning business. If someone hav...

Top 12 AWS Certifications | Right AWS Certification Path

I need to learn fargate. What are Docker ECS related certific...

What AWS service are you struggling to learn? Whatโ€™s painful?

Fargate docs needs tutorial like guides

Music Genres: My Second NPM Package

Why don't you try to port it to DENO?

Metasearch engine in html + google a great utility

I wish there was a codepen for it. ... oh there it is codepen...

I hated Regex so much that I made


How do you organize development projects on your computer?

What's the best documentation you have ever read?

My second best

What's the best documentation you have ever read?

Vue for sure

AHA! No more STUPID Codes,YAGNI.

After half reading of ...

#Day2 of #100DaysOfCode: Keep writing!

I am in a phase of writing code instead of learning. It see...

.map() vs .forEach()

I think I will tweet this post a few more times.

An alternative way to log your 100DaysOfCode

I think I will adapt sidebar of your lovely template to my ...

An alternative way to log your 100DaysOfCode

What you do when you miss days? I mean I started 20 days ag...

Starting late: learning to code at 40

I meant #100DaysOfCode not 1000 days. :-|

Starting late: learning to code at 40

may be you should also add #100DaysOfCode tag

Welcome Thread - v52

I a full stack developer who is looking for job opportuniti...

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