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Dynamic Pipeline Orchestration using CodePipeline, CodeBuild and Step Functions

Great first article! πŸ‘

AWS Config -An intro

Hah, loved the animated GIF banner - very clever!

Train an ML Model using Apache Spark in EMR and deploy in SageMaker

Salah, you are a machine! So many great articles. Keep it up!

How to configure AWS SSO enabling access for a user in two different AWS accounts using a customized user-portal

Wow, epic article! Nice. πŸ‘

How I passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam?

Very helpful article!

AWS Migrationβ€Š-β€ŠThe Architect's Handbook

Wow, epic article! Nice. πŸ‘

How to become an AWS Community Builder

Fantastic post! Thanks for creating it. πŸ‘

Deploy Ethereum network on AWS

I wish I wouldn't have sold my Ethereum quite so soon... πŸ˜†

How to assign Static IP on application load balancer using AWS Global Accelerator

Wow, epic article! Nice. πŸ‘

Distributed Computing Explained Simply... With Ducks!

What a ducking great article! πŸ¦†

Fine-tuning the performance of the DeepRacer model

DeepRacer is one of the coolest ways for people to learn abou...

Introduction To Blockchain As A Train

Great analogy! πŸ‘

Export database snapshots manually to S3 & export S3 content in Glue Data Catalog using Crawler for tables fetched in Athena

Wow, epic article! Nice. πŸ‘

AWS IAM for People in a Hurry.

This is a great series name - "For people in a hurry". πŸ‘


Great summary! πŸ‘

Why I Became an AWS Community Builder

It's always great to hear from people on why they applied to ...

AWS Location Service: Where my AWS Community Builders at?

Amazing - thank you for creating this! πŸ‘

Why you should embrace DevOps

Epic story! Thanks for sharing Joel.

IoT/TimeSeries event processing using AWS Serverless Services and AWS Managed Kafka Streaming

Excellent level of detail!

AWS CDK - Fullstack Polyglot with Asset Bundling

Great level of detail!

Fundamentals to manage, monitor and secure AWS Cloud

Very thorough, thanks for sharing!

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional a few thoughts

Excellent write up!

Do You Have a Look-alike?

I like to play the face-matching game when I watch a movie an...

You Can Have It Fast Or You Can Have It Right - The Software Dilemma

Fantastic article!

When was the last time you checked your disaster recovery plan in the cloud?

A very important topic, thanks for writing this.

Introduction to AWS and AWS Compute Services

Great introduction article!

Why do we need the JSON Web Token (JWT) in the modern web?

I'm a big fan of all JSONs. 😁

Preparing for AWS Certification Exams - some tips and tricks

Congratulations on your certification achievements in 2020! πŸ‘

I Made the Best Christmas Present Ever... Again. This Time With Alexa, WebSockets, and Mobile Apps

Allen, this is amazing - well done!

What To Be Thankful For In Tech In 2020

Great article! I'm glad the AWS Community Builders program is...

What's in my Fridge?

After the re:Invent 2020 Andy Jassy keynote today, I have a m...

New Mac Config

I just did a bare metal install of Big Sur on my iMac to fix ...