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Not at all. It's never too late to learn anything. In fact, as it stands right now, the best time to start learning programming is actually today.


Heck no! If you were in your 30s and wanted to get into software, I'd still say do it.

I switched careers and went back to school at 28. I'm 31 now, and I've been working as a software developer for a year.


It's Never too late to start . I know a guy who started in his 40s . All you need is passion . Start as early as possible devote yourself to a particular language basics and then start doing projects. There are some full time coding schools and bootcamps I heard they are great If you can dedicate about 6 months or something full-time . Some of them even have pay after landing job . These programs seem promising . There are also YouTube tutorials and sites like Coursera, Edx , Udemy which provides you with certificates . Age certificates and Degrees doesn't matter today . Skills and strong project portfolio do . Learning doesn't require age . Same goes for jobs as long as you are able to do something great your age never matter.

I hope this helps.


it's really helpful, thank you so much


If you look it up on YouTube there is video of the oldest programming person in the world at the age of 76 she wrote her first program and she use the same program to play with her friends ... she’s from japan ..
Never is to late,there gonna be people who start at the young age but it depend..

If you want to be good at programming there are three things :
1- motivation
3-Repeat the step #1 & #2


I didn't start learning until I was 20, not that much younger than you. But it hasn't made a noticeable difference in my ability to do it, and if any potential employers have cared about it, I haven't noticed because there were plenty of others that didn't! πŸ˜„


Like any skill, it will be slightly harder to learn at an 'older' age but it's definitely doable! But perhaps you can create an environment that's more supportive of you learning to code. For instance, I had luck or lucky circumstances in two ways: during university, I started building websites freelance. That's an excellent way to learn a skill and make a few bucks on the side. Later, in my first job, I could see some areas where coding could come in handy. I was learning in the evenings and weekends, but applying that newfound logic on the day job was very valuable.

So if you really want to program, just start. There's plenty of resources out there.


Of course not! It's a matter of how passionate and focused on learning you are, no matter the age.

And, if you are one of the few that is willing to read technical books once you get the basics, your progress will skyrocket.


I started learning at 23 too! I went to a coding bootcamp and ended up being one of the youngest in my cohort. And today, many of the successful engineers I know had full careers before they ever got into programming.

So long answer short: No 😊


There's no such thing as too late. I think this idea comes from comparing to your peers or people on the internet. The time is right when you feel you want to learn and do it. This applies to everything.


You're definitely not too old! I didn't land a programming job until I was 25 (and hadn't really started learning until a year or two before then), so I was in a similar position to you. You just need to make sure you're consistently learning over a decent period of time.

My advice is to avoid spending too long following beginner tutorials etc, and start building your own personal projects (apps/websites) as early as possible. Intentionally choose projects where you feel out of your depth, and then google heavily to figure out the solutions to problems as you encounter them.


Not only is there not such a thing as "too late", you will be shaped by your experience of learning it at a different time in your life. This will be something to celebrate - not to worry about. Your attitude and your desire to learn are far more important than your material skills.

Some of the most respected colleagues/professionals I know learned or even pivoted from wildly different industries - and far later in their careers. You've got plenty more ahead of you - you got this! πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³


Hell no ! At 34 I made this andI love it.

Is a questions of will. If there's a will there's a way...


Im 31, started at 30 and Im currently working as front end dev


I'd say it's too early, if you ask idiotic questions like that.


I hope this will be the top comment of the week. 😁😁😁


I know people who've gone to university to be a doctor after the age of 30 because they want to change careers... Of course it's not too late, if anything you're starting at a normal age!


Nope. Not late, You can start from scratch. Also, try #100DaysOfCode like challenges.


It isn't late to learn programming. It's usually the age people start doing it.


Not at all! If you want to learn to program, go ahead and get started. Try not to let preconceptions about age get in your way.


I should not care about age, it's just a number


@jac_menz Nope, if you like it and inspires you any new subject is worth pursuing, programming especially you have all tutorials and relevant info online 1 click away, enjoy the ride.


Nope. I started at 27. Right now I'm 31 and working as a .NET Developer.


I started last year, its never too late to learn something new.

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