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What’s overrated?

Hyped, but quite useful(at least for me)!

What’s overrated?

Very true. "draws breath" ha.. ha.. :)

Front-end js frameworks

Vue is never underrated, in fact, Vue covers the virtues of...

4 Reasons to Use React JS for Web Development

React is not a Framework @evalenzuela , it is a " JavaScrip...

Show off your first app!


Show off your first app!

hey keralite!!!

How to keep learning to program, over and over again, forever.

You are absolutely right!!

What are/were your go to resources for learning Ruby and Rails?

Destroy All Software is really cool!

Small bits of web UX

This post is going to be one of my reading list heroes! Ver...

Yasminoku – Sudoku game, generator and solver in JavaScript (July 2006)

Great Work! UX is amazing and I love the flat layout though...

Changelog: We have a new beta editor you can try

I switched to v2 beta and I feel more modern! Great Improve...

Do students get to work with existing codebases?

No. I am still a student and I can't believe that I am lear...

Listening to a podcast while coding, a good idea? Your thoughts.

My personal opinion, I have tried listening to a podcast wh...

Clueless developer, How to get back

I meant some platform that has an advantage over the other....

Clueless developer, How to get back

great response, thank you

Clueless developer, How to get back

The problem is that I always look for new frameworks and li...

Clueless developer, How to get back

thank you

Clueless developer, How to get back

Yes, But if I want to create an analytics app, which would ...

Welcome Thread - v15

Hi, I am Anandhu. I Love programming and I consider it a ho...