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Full-Stack Software Engineer at Ready Rosie

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Which code coverage tool do you use?

I use CodeCov for my personal projects, but most companies I ...

Hacktoberfest: 69 Beginner-Friendly Projects You Can Contribute To


What harmful habits do developers pick up over time?

Lack of self care. Obsession. Over working. Eating out more. ...

What bad habit do you have because you learned an approach *before* a better idea came along?

Lone Wolf to a Team setting. I love the benefits and commerad...

What domain names are you holding on to?

Playlist fucks isn't working for me :3

Introducing Replay: a cross-platform JS game engine inspired by React

What's your favorite software idiom/aphorism?

Oof, some old managers/owners needed to hear those

Introducing VS Code Working Sets 💼

I usually do feature branches, and especially as a lead I can...

Introducing VS Code Working Sets 💼

Would be cool to somehow manage these by git commit/branches ...

What was your win this week?

I put on pants today

Hit me with a good rant

Do not hire "lead" developers, call them part of "leadershi...

How much does your job dictate what new tools you learn vs self-direction?

I've worked in mostly agencies the last 4 years so a lot le...

Longtime devs: Have you rekindled your love of coding after losing the spark at any point in your career?

I got major burnout mid into my career in 2014. Got a job as ...

Top Front-End Development YouTube Channels

I found this guy a few months back and really enjoy his con...

🤑🥳😎Going down the youtube tech guru hole or how you can spot scam artists

that's how you know it's fake, even the biggest wallet only...

Should I switch to Zeit Now

If it's an issue of hitting build time due to gatsby's meth...

What software development tools (libraries/frameworks/apps/whatever) make you feel most anxious while you're working with them?

lambda 😬

Tell me an unpopular software opinion

TDD in an Digital Agency setting is rarely realistic and us...

What was your win this week?

Finished my move to my new place! Now to unpack it all 😬

Services for your JAMstack Application

Awesome list! Shared 😁 Definitely would add Stackbit to th...

It’s my birthday

What’s overrated?

Ben Halpern's questions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How can you identify unhealthy perfectionism in your work?

big oof

How do *you* pronounce sudo?

SUDOWOODO shake shake shake shake shake shake

What was your win this week?

Finished a RoR Graphql API side project weeee

Firefox developer tools can do that?

When Quantum came out with CSS Grid support before Chrome I...

What was your win this week?

Got to see Daniel Sloss live!

Why do you love your job?

Coworkers. If I didn’t work with who I worked with I probab...

What is the worst advice for the newbie?

god i heard that so much when I was starting out

what's the first website/project you made?

this beaut in 2008 was my first "website". But I made myspa...

What's your most re-watchable movie?

Love 80's horror, so gotta be Evil Dead 2 or Return of the ...

Things All Developers Should Learn In College


A Hidden Side of Procrastination

Been in CBT once a week for almost 2 years now. Can't even ...

Wanted: JavaScript Book Recommendations

Rediscovering Javascript was a good read last year. Current...

Introduction: from function to closure

Saving this for the next jr dev I have under me, really nic...

Installing WordPress 5 on ZEIT Now with MySQL Hosting

GOD Thank you. Ill try this tonight, was having the same is...

99.9% uptime static site deployment with Cloudflare and AWS S3

Curious if I could get this to work with Backblaze B2

Git hacks you should know about

- in general is wonderful. I sometimes forget it exists for...

Imposter Syndrome: PHP Edition


Any Spotify Playlist you can recommend to boost coding concentration? Thank you!

My new go-to is this: