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How do you organize pet-projects?

I too have a "box" folder where I throw everything in it. Onl...

Creating beautiful HTML tables with CSS

I second you!

Creating beautiful HTML tables with CSS

I agree with you! Bootstrap is all over the place (even tough...

Expanded Use of `box-shadow` and `border-radius`

wow!!! This is cool , thank for sharing!

June 19th, 2020: What did you learn this week?

Revisited Python, learn Django and made an Optical character ...

My App was Under Attack!

I second you

Covid19 India Update | Twilio x Dev Hackathon Submission

Simple and very helpful, Good job!

3 Modern CSS Features in 2 Minutes

Thanks for sharing this, especially the blend mode.

12 CSS Flexbox tips & tricks which you need to know as a web developer

This is a good one, and I also like you colorful items👓

My Favorite Linux Tools

I just installed nmtui, it is pretty straightforward. I lik...

Which Programming Language Did You Start With As A Developer?

I started with Pascal in high-school! write ('Hello worl...

How to Create a Business Data Dashboard in React

This article is right on time) I was looking for something ...

How to build a Node.js eCommerce website for free

The way you explained each stack is very neat. Great articl...

Welcome Thread - v24

Hello everyone! I'm actually an UX designer diving my way i...