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Error Cause in JavaScript

With AggregateError, we get breadth. With the cause property,...

Error Cause in JavaScript

If the error were thrown from deep internal methods, the thro...

at() on built-in indexables

In accordance to NodeList#item it makes sense?

Logical assignment operators in JavaScript

Yup, so

Logical assignment operators in JavaScript

x ||= 1 would mean x || (x = 1)

Logical assignment operators in JavaScript

True, fixed it. I was trying to bring in another variable.

Number.range; Stage-1 proposal

Hah hah, thanks, fixed it!

Number.range; Stage-1 proposal

Yup, that is covered in the many other ways of doing this lin...

Git hacks you should know about

For the rest: We have git-tips πŸ”₯

ES2019 features

The second issue (segfault) was fixed a few weeks back…the ...

Which of the 635000 npm modules do I choose?

Hand picked weekly modules at ->

async actions in redux

Yeah, rather: case 'FETCHING_COMIC': return { ...

Four helpful guides for grasping the ever-elusive concept of git rebase

For the rest there's ;)

What the heck is a "Progressive Web App"? Seriously.

If you want to pwa at pwa you might like /me and m...

Git log a range of lines of a file

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Depression & Anxiety in programming

Reminded me of Developer Anxiety, we’re not alone.

ES6 for beginners with example

Nice, you might like: and

Explain Facebook's BSD+patents license like I'm five (:

What are some useful npm packages I might not know about?

Over the years I have been trying to collect such modules w...

I'm a Git Master, Ask Me Anything

What do you think of these git-tips?