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Which one learn first, React.js or Node.js?

First I assume you want to be a full stack JavaScript develop...

Netlify.. Any competition in the market?

I wrote an article on the top Netlify alternatives: configma...

5 Project Ideas for your Portfolio

You pick something a hiring manager uses to Get instant re...

Adding Comments to a Static Website

Looks promising!

Somebody pinch me - I'm joining DEV! 🎉

Wow! Been following your journey, and I'm excited you lande...

Special Announcement from DEV


7 years as a developer - lessons learned

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” I'm still ...

Wanting to learn Gastby turned into running an impeachment website.

Awesome site. It would be interesting to add news sources, ...

How WordPress Will Power Half the Web’s Content (Without Anyone Knowing)

💯 percent yes, WordPress will be in a better position. Writ...

MailChimp API, Netlify and Serverless Functions

Fantastic. Subscribing people to MailChimp was my first pro...

Understanding Javascript Array Series I - What is an Array?

Solids, solid introduction. Thanks

Byte Sized Episode 2: The Creation of Graph Theory

🤔how do i get my video embeds to show nice like that?

HTML can do that?

Dang! I didn't know over half of these. Thanks for this.

I switched careers to Software Engineering in my late 30s while nursing a newborn, Ask Me Anything!

It looks like you chose Rails. What made you choose that ...

How to properly practice what you learn

how does a self--learner get feedback from a human?

Step by Step Express: Evolution of an App Beyond "Hello, World"

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for this.

CSS Grid Areas are amazing

I haven't tried named areas yet. Thanks for the enthusiasm. I...

CSS Grid vs Flexbox

How do you handle responsiveness? I find myself using Flex ...

How uses the JAMstack + a single API server to help millions of people learn to code every month

do you have a post about that?

How uses the JAMstack + a single API server to help millions of people learn to code every month

thank you for how much personal investment you've put into ...

Stop Fighting About JavaScript Frameworks

As an aspiring developer I've had too ignore articles procl...

Why it's never too early to start teaching others to code

This comes at the right time. I've been wanting to teach a ...

Introducing Frontend Mentor - Supercharge your front-end skills by building real projects

I love this! Well needed.

🔥VSCode Breadcrumbs Are Here, And I Love 'em!

Promotion of your own stuff is not just ok, but welcome her...

Got My First Pull Request Accepted and Merged

Congrats! I can't wait for a chance to add to the commons.