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Been hacking hardware and code since '95. Set my 1st PC on fire at 8 got my A+ Cert at 15. I'm a Dev, BA, DBA, SysAdmin, TV Producer, Community Organizer & Motivational Speaker some days of the week.

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Azure & DevOps Consultant

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge this was really helpful!

What do you use to record the screen?

So I've tried a lot when I was a Dev Advocate but I've settle...

Which CI/CD tool do you use?

This is an interesting thread I've used quite a few over time...

How many hours per day do you spend to educate yourself on new technologies?

2ish on avg.

What is your fitness routine?

During quarantine I did the prison work out every day. youtu....

My #lockdown at a glance

Great work, build your knowledge and if happen to find yourse...

Remotely Manage Your Azure VMs with Azure Bastion

Great write up!

What To Do When You've Been Laid Off

Solid advice thanks for sharing.

How do you manage your time between Projects?

Technical debt and if there is none learning new stacks

How and why do you attend conference?

I attend more community conferences based around process or...

What To Do With Dev Community When In Offline Mode

Thanks for sharing.

Why do you write on DEV?

I do it to share my knowledge and opinions.

Busy? Try Todoist

No worries I love it while regularly see post about Notion ...

Create a Blog in Less Than 20 Lines of Code Using 11ty

This is awesome I've been looking for a really simple stati...

How do you set up a new board on trello or similar for a project ?

I'm a big fan of to do, doing, and done when I'm not sure w...

The New Years Resolution That Changed My Career

Thanks for sharing, just the little bit of motivation I nee...

Whats your's set of software used in you daily routine?

I'm a Developer Advocate so my daily tools might vary from ...

Santa hat removed from VS Code

I read through the issue and blog post written by the submi...

What we accomplished in 2019 πŸš€

This is great thanks for sharing, I had a dream of creating...

Which software do you use to take screenshots?

Name: Snipping Tool [x] Free [ ] Paid [ ] Open source OS: [...

πŸŽ„ Christmas Tunes! πŸŽ„

Its Christmas time which means my wife will be playing Mari...

Found My Old Zune... What Should I Do With It?

Ah the Zune the one that got away πŸ˜₯.....I miss my Zune.

Music for Coding: A Spotify playlist for progamming

I'm convinced the person who created the open office concep...

Got any weekend projects on the go?

Starting the redesign of my site using Hugo....

DEV, meet Site Reliability Engineering

I've never met you but enjoyed your last post Congratulatio...

Who wants to join the DEV Fantasy Football League?

What platform? ESPN Yahoo or other?