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Secret dev tools for every code newbie

Great share! really useful tools

How to make instagram clone using HTML, CSS. Fully responsive.

amazing, thanks for sharing!

You don't know useEffect

amazing post, thanks bro!

Reactjs | Perfect tools for the perfect use cases🛠️💥

Really useful! thanks!

Adding 100 underline/overlay animations | The impressive CSS collection ⭐️

That`s amazing, I really enjoyed the different animations you...

Microsoft Azure: dicas, truques, conteúdos e eventos gratuitos | vol. 3

valeu cara! muito bom

🚀20 Best CSS3 Library For Developers.

Amazing list, thank you

3D Minecraft Clone in Three.js with Voxel terrain generation. (WIP)

Thats impressive! Well done!

Free for dev - list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)

Thats the best list of services I saw it until now, great wor...

Welcome Thread - v134

Hey all, Im a Senior Java DEV, keen to learn more about react...

53+ GitHub repos you should check out to become better developer [2021]

Amazing List, I added a few to my bookmarks!

10 GitHub repositories to become a better JavaScript Developer

Thank you! awesome content

[PT-BR] Be the exception! Dicas para dominar exceções em seus códigos Java

Otimo artigo! muito bom!

Flutter app development good practices

Amazing share, Steve, I will start to apply these practices r...

Flutter Open WhatsApp & send Text Message to Specific WhatsApp

nice, simple and straight to the point

The best VS Code extensions to supercharge Git (yes, there’s more than GitLens!)

I loved the Git Graph it was exactly what I was looking for

5 VS Code Extensions That Make Refactoring Easy

Really useful, some I havent heard before

Modern Full-Stack Developer Tech Stack 2021

Useful content Andrew, for me coming from a Java background i...

Storybook - Organizando seus widgets

Ótimo artigo Cibele, parabéns