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Pure functions are great. Svelte/Sapper is succinct and straightforward. NixOS is easily declared in a single config


Full-Stack developer at SKRY | Online

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Build High Performance GraphQL APIs in 5 minutes with GraphJin

Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on GraphJ...

Svelte GraphQL Resources

Maybe you could tell us more about each one of them, with adv...

SvelteKit SVG Icons: using Iconify and Icônes with Svelte

That's so cool. Thanks for sharing

Deploying Functions Just Got Easier with Appwrite CLI 2.0!

Awesome update! Keep it up!

Build a realtime websocket UI using SvelteKit

That's a cool sneak peak.. I wish you could go on and get int...

SvelteKit .env secrets

I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing

How to build a full stack serverless application with Svelte and GraphQL

Keep it up! Useful tutorial

Use tRPC in your SvelteKit applications

Thank you! It's contributions like this that make Svelte and ...

Announcing Appwrite 0.13 with Major Upgrades to Storage and Functions

What to expect in future from Appwrite?

Are there modern JavaScript frameworks without NodeJS dependency? This is what you are looking for

Top 9 Database-as-a-Service Products

What about Hasura?

Appwrite Releases a Native Svelte SDK for Its Open-Source BaaS

Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Which BaaS (Backend as a Service) do you use/prefer?

Hasura and Strapi

Build Todoist app with Vue.js and Parse Platform (Part 1 - Signup)

Link broken

SvelteKit frontend + GraphQL backend hosting in the EU?

So deploying node.js might be somewhat complicated. But once ...

Generating Typescript Types from Postgres

This comes really handy! Btw, does kanel work also with views...

Any recommendations for a Rails-like NodeJS toolchain for building APIs?

You might want to look into Adonis

Building an Application with GraphQL and SvelteKit

Definetly looking forward to see how subscriptions work and S...

SvelteKit S3 Compatible Storage: Presigned Uploads

And I asume one could similarily implement Minio

The Front-End Developer Roadmap (Revisited)

Can you tell more about your freelancing experience and maybe...

Getting started with Svelte, Tailwind, and Nrwl NX

Is it really worth all this setup process for NX? What does i...

The creator of world's most popular JS Framework

wtf ?

(SHOWCASE) Amazon Clone in SvelteKit, Svelte, TailwindCSS.

The link to the demo shows the netflix clone, not the amazon

(SHOWCASE) Netflix Clone(basic) in Sveltekit

Great job! Keep it up

How I Redesigned My Website With SvelteKit

I wonder what features did you need that weren't in Sapper? F...

Writing a graphQL fullstack Svelte Web App with Sapper & Postgraphile

I did =)

Stay alert

Seems like the winner takes everything scenario, and the winn...

Intro to Svelte Query

That's interesting

Overview of Svelte UI Libraries and Components

There are also beautiful and ...

Sveltekit & Tailwind CSS Combo

Fixed that. Thanks

Hasura 2.0 Video Series

Is there a link for the videos?

Intro to Postgres + GraphQL with PostGraphile

Maybe because you could simply add it to your regular express...

Make a fast Auto GraphQL Server with NodeJS and Postgres in 5 minutes !

Please do, because there are no proper tutorials online that ...

Manipulating arrays with PostgreSQL

thanks for sharing. Good stuff How would I go about creating...

Technology choices

How about logic in Postgres itself?

Full-Stack Sapper & SQLite with Sequelize Pt.1

And part two I have decided to postpone until Sveltekit aka S...

Make a fast Auto GraphQL Server with NodeJS and Postgres in 5 minutes !

Would love to see a more in-depth tutorial with maybe authent...

Rich Harris: Futuristic Web Development (Svelte)

npm init svelte@next

Please don't try Svelte.js first!

Svelte is awesome. Can't wait for Svelte v4, it will be even ...

TailwindCSS with Sapper and Svelte

Amazing. I wonder if there is a way to have TypeScript integr...