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Excited about the opportunities technology creates. I'm a plant-based person, web+mobile developer, and linguist. #blm #xicano


UC Santa Cruz



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Bootcamp Reflection

I'm glad you were able to get a scholarship for the cost of t...

Introducing... My New Site! ✨

I really like the content you put out; I checked out your sit...

The Complete Guide to Next.js Authentication

@dabit currently trying to deploy via the cli and I get this ...

the dreaded port error "bind: address already in use", kill it!

thank you so much lol

Create a new node js project in typescript (for beginners)

I like how your article is straight to the point. and you let...

Is Redux Dead?

What's crazy is that Redux used context before React used con... - 16+ FREE Projects with beautiful designs

We should start a hashtag for these challenges to lookup easi...

100 Days of Code ~ Day 1

best of luck on the challenge!

How I made a light that turns on when streaming

super dope project

What are your favorite open source software?

In college, before becoming a developer, I loved using open s...

What Book(s) Are You Currently Reading To Be a Better Programmer?

I have not! Do you recommend?

What Book(s) Are You Currently Reading To Be a Better Programmer?

I just ordered Planning Extreme Programming. Oldie but goodie...

showDEV - A place to share personal and open-source coding projects!

This is awesome. Looking forward to dropping a project on tha...

What's playing in your headphones while you code?

What is your fitness routine?

Started calorie counting, drinking more water, and I have a h...

Could Apple Be Forced to Reduce App Store Fees?

I sure hope so. I'm a big fan of iOS and a dogmatic user. And...

Setting Up An Express API with Mongoose

Excellent use of gifs for mental breaks lol.

The First Dedicated IDE for React Web Applications is Finally Here - ReacTide 3.0 Beta

This is an awesome project!

What language features/concepts do insiders of the language love and outsiders hate?

I also like the guard statement in swift.

Dev team size

Nice, found many good reads on medium from them. Thanks a m...

#AdventOfCode: What language are you using?

This is pretty cool, didn't know about it. I'm going to giv...

React JS Quiz - React JS Interview Questions

The solution isn't an underscore on the first question.

What is a Web Framework, and Why Should You use one?

Your posts are the best!

Explain GitHub Like I'm Five

Also there's a multiplayer option that allows your friends ...

The Career Adventures of Johnny JavaScript

Incredibly well written! Following rn

Should I go NoSQL or SQL for my specific app case? Or both?

Sounds like a cool project. I made a really simple app with...

Developing the Star Wars opening crawl in HTML/CSS

This was awesome, following and can't wait for more!

How to get started with Andrtoid development?

If you have a proficient enough understanding of Java, I'd ...

What to expect from in 2018

I love this platform and how engaged the dev community is h...

Welcome Thread - v7

Getting a react gig is my goal too. Best of luck!

Welcome Thread - v7

Hey everyone, I did linguistics at Uni, and a course where ...

Automating new contributor issues with First Timers Bot

This is pretty dope. I wanted to build a bot like this that...