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Life long tech nerd. Started soldering at ~12. Started coding at ~19. Cabinet maker for over a decade.

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Best VS Code extensions to increase your productivity

I think Auto Rename Tags is also built in to VSCode.

Brand new to the platform, and would like to say HIπŸ‘‹ to everyone.

Hi and welcome, Joseph!


What do you want to do with it? Get a job, make an app or web...

* as a service

Good post! Personal I prefer shorter posts.

I made a 404 page for my website!

I was thinking the same thing lol. I’d like to see a screens...

Learning JavaScript

Hello and welcome. Have fun with your coding adventure!

Theming with CSS variables.

Great post! Simple, clean and very helpful.

Hello Everyone,

Hello and welcome!

Best Web Development IDE's (FIXED)

If you don’t see an extension that you need in the list you’l...

Best Web Development IDE's (FIXED)

Try VSCodium.


You have $20,000 to spend? Or is the β€œk” in β€œ20k” a currency?...

How to converting string number to number without parseInt or parseFloat

Number(β€œ100”) Should also work.

Opensource... NO more free?!

Engineer Man had a good video about GitHub Copilot: youtube.c...

One more newbie

Hello and welcome! What kind of development are you intereste...

What is your Linux distribution of choice and why?

Linux Mint Cinnamon. It's very stable.

Will I be Able To?

In my opinion, if you are paying to learn architecture you sh...

Grid vs. Flexbox

I don't see why not. I didn't make them btw.

Getting more from your portfolio

Great post! I've used FormSpree and Netlifys forms in the pas...

My post

Hello and welcome!

Hello World

Hello and welcome!

What Is The Best Linux Os (most stable os) For programming

I've been using Linux Mint Cinnamon for a long time. In my op...

Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

Cool! I got my first badge :)

Time to try HarperDB. $1000 Credit?

Found another $250 coupon code: FASTIFYEVENT

Hello World, will i be learning swift is worth?

I think it's worth learning. If you can't find work in it; al...

HI All!

Hello and welcome!

Want to say hello :-)

Hi and welcome, Peter!

Grid vs. Flexbox

Great post! I use these handy cheat sheets all the time: grid...

Just another timer in svelte

Nicely done!

Why I'm building a mentoring platform.

Cool! Looking forward to it! Great YouTube channel btw

Dead Laptop

Glad you got back up and running.

Dead Laptop

Sorry to hear that. What manufacturer and model is the laptop?

Windows or Mac (or Linux😁) for devs?

Cool. New hardware is always fun :) I run Linux Mint on my PC...

What happened to the Dev Dark Theme?

Same here.

How to convert any website/webpage into an installable progressive web app (PWA)

I've been wanting to try this. Thanks for the excellent instr...

Top 3 free icon packs for your next project

Thanks! is another good source.

The First Time I Learning Programming

Thanks for the link! That's pretty much what I'm hoping to re...

The First Time I Learning Programming

Cool! I think there a number of advantages with web apps. And...

The First Time I Learning Programming

I do still use it. And enjoy using it. But right now I'm focu...

The First Time I Learning Programming

Lazarus is total free and very capable. I'm fairly sure that...

The First Time I Learning Programming

Great post! Free Pascal with Lazarus is pretty awesome :)

Hello World!

Hello and welcome.

What is the fastest way to create a basic website

I'd probably just do it from scratch. A template (free or pai...


Hello and welcome.

Build a browser extension with Svelte

That fixed it. Thank you so much!

Build a browser extension with Svelte

Great article! A quick question. Do Svelte apps never stop ...

What are your favorite Javascript frameworks? Why?

So far I've only tried Svelte. I like that it helps with code...

An Introduction To Svelte

Great post! I've been using it for a bit over a week and it's...

My Portfolio 🀡

Looks good! You missed css/scss under coding.

Time to try HarperDB. $1000 Credit?

The changes are very nice!

Time to try HarperDB. $1000 Credit?

I'm glad the codes worked for you too. I also had a hard time...

Flask and/or Django

Look at FastAPI. It's like Flask.

Problem with code

I'm guessing that you're using VSCode with the Live Server ex...

What are the most generous free plans you know?

3 free static sites at Digitalocean:

i beginer i want learn javascript could you please suggest a course

I found this one to be very good:

The More I Learn, The More Absolutely In Love I Am.

I know the feeling, I love to code! I also get that feeling w...

What's wrong with that Arduino wining?

You need pull low resistors. Have a 10k resistor run from gr...

Suggest me the right Linux distro

I've been using Mint Cinnamon for years and it's the one that...

Svelte - the "new" frontend framework!

Thanks for this great article! You mentioned "simplicity of ...

Why did I decide to learn software engineering?

You sound like a very driven person. I'm sure you'll do great...

Why do you abandon your personal projects?

Moved on to the next super awesome idea! 😁

Step by step for javascript: how do I start?.

I found this very helpful: Javascript All-In-One Tutorial. y...

My first post πŸŽ‰

Hello and welcome.

Should I use Linux?

Ubuntu is a good choice.

Should I use Linux?

Try Linux Mint (Cinnamon). I've been running Linux as my dail...

Embracing JAMStack with Python: Generating a Static Website with Flask and Deploying to Netlify

Nice! I did this a couple months ago and deleted my last drop...

What are your fallback search engines (or alternative ones)?

duckduckgo first then google.

Unfortunate events, week 4 bootcamp

Sorry about your flare up. I have Crohn's as well. I've had i...