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The day our web server reached 100% capacity ๐Ÿ’พ

Good post!

What is your technical stack and what are you building?

Frontend: HTML + JavaScript +CSS Backend: MySQL + PHP + CakeP...

How to setup Git commit hooks for PHP

Good post!

What irritates you the most as a developer? ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป

Bad documented APIs and/or software. This includes poor docu...

What effect is the Coronavirus having on your work life and personal life?

I live in Argentina. We have now 158 confirmed cases. The g...

PHP frameworks test

Well I'm interested! If you put the code in GitHub I'll def...

PHP frameworks test

Hi Pixelbot, Great post and great work! How did you handle ...

The Art of Refactoring: 5 tips to Write Betterย Code

Hi! Is it good practice to throw exceptions for bussines rul...

What if Business Requirments where semi-structured files in project's repo

Hi! I've gone a little to far maybe, and I put an essentia...

How to Use Git to Manage Your Writing Project

Hi! If there is such a tool, I'm interested in knowing it!

Introduction to ObjectMappers: using Jackson in the wild

Hi Bruno, good post. It's interesting in order to try it.

Demystifying IIS Application Pools

Hi Jeremy, Good article. Saludos,

Charts library in JavaScript

I like it! Thanks

Charts library in JavaScript

Hi Connor, thanks for your answer. I'll look up the library...

Charts library in JavaScript

I'll give it a shot if I cant't find something that works o...

Charts library in JavaScript

Hi Pedro, thanks for your answer. The only thing with Chart...

Good Practices: handling error and exceptions in PHP

Good post!

What was your first programming language and why?

Hi Seth, I was then 8 or 9 years old. The thing that motiva...

What was your first programming language and why?

It was QuickBasic, in my family's first computer, a PC 386.

Do you know if this exists?

Hi Neil, thanks for your answer! I haven't seen the video y...

Do you know if this exists?

Hi Scott, I'll investigate a little more. Thanks for the in...

Do you know if this exists?

Great, seems something to explore

What was your win this week?

I finally implemented a Kanban board-like feature in my req...

Welcome Thread - v36

Hi Sreekar, I'm using pandoc as well, for the same reasons....

Naming and Creating API Endpoints

Good post!

My Remote Office Tour ๐Ÿš€

Hi Wassim, I'm interested in the details of how the laptop ...

Quality compromising conditions

Thanks Neil.

Experimenting with brain-computer interfaces in JavaScript

This is just great.

Five things you can do with Serverless

I'm happy to see alfajores in the video.

What sport/physical activity would you recommend to someone who's not super sporty by nature?

I bought a fixed bicicle two months ago and it worked great...

Beginner Python Resources Recommended by the Tech Community

Hi Kara, Thanks for this post. I'm currently learning Pytho...

Requirements workflow

Hi Neil, thanks for your answer. I work in several simultan...

Frontend vs Backend, which do you prefer and why?

I'm backend. I like data structures, transactions, database...

Changing the log to daily in CakePHP 3.x

Good post. Aguante CakePHP.

What do you think about the idea that "there should be only one way of doing a thing" in programming languages?

Maybe I don't understand the concept. But I think there are...

My first open source project

Hi Makesh. I think a dashboard could be good for a starting...

How many computer devices do you own?

1) My old Dell Inspiron 1525, bought back in 2008 and still...

11 Great Reads for Aspiring Java Devs

Thanks! I'll go for Modern Java in Action then!

11 Great Reads for Aspiring Java Devs

Great post! The only difficult thing to do now is to choose o...

Documentation automation

Hi Jeremy, This is very useful and oriented to what I was l...

Documentation automation

This indeed helps me a lot. If you don't mind the question,...

Documentation automation

Thanks everyone for your answers. By now, I think what I have...

Documentation automation

Hi Horst, I've been reading this page due to your suggestio...

Documentation automation

Hi Burdette, I'll examine your post. Did a fast reading by ...

Documentation automation

Thanks for your feedback. I read your post, went through th...

Learning to love software development books ๐Ÿ’™

It's been similar for me, I've read several books about pro...

When PHP Framework Sucks Series: Magic inside frameworks

Hi! I work with two PHP frameworks: Symfony, not by choice....

Whatโ€™s a concept you understand now, but took you forever to grasp?

I don't know if it took me forever, but this year one of my...

A Simple Productivity App built on Quasar and Firebase

Thanks, I'll try the background persist!

A Simple Productivity App built on Quasar and Firebase

Hi Yev, Mi first result is, today, in the context of an old...

PHP Frameworks Discussion (beware lots of opinions)

I use CakePHP.

A Simple Productivity App built on Quasar and Firebase

Hi Yev, Seems interesting. I'll download it and later comme...

What would you do?

Hi Tux0r, thanks for you're answer. I'm interested in the r...

Freelancers, do you host and maintain client websites? Why or why not?

Hi Terrance, I think developing and hosting are two very di...

Streams in Java

Alain, thanks for your answer. It's really clear and enrich...

Streams in Java


Streams in Java

Hi Alain. Thanks for your feedback. Could you please elabor...

Have you ever been in a hackathon

Thanks for your answer

Have you ever been in a hackathon

Thanks for your answer

Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

Once, back then in 2012, I was working with a customer. We ...

Are interruptions really worse for programmers than for other knowledge workers?

Good article

Are interruptions really worse for programmers than for other knowledge workers?

I think that at some point you make a good point, because t...

Introducing our May 2018 sponsors

Pusher seams interesting, I'll give it a try.

The economy of continuous delivery


The economy of continuous delivery

This is a good point, the economic impact. I think it would...

Handy tips for software support

Good post and good tips. My first job was in a Help Desk, b...

Who's looking for open source contributors? (April 23 edition)

Hi, I have just posted this one:

Go functional with Java

Great post

The Bootstrapping Mindset

This is a good article un many ways!

Why I switched from Atom to Visual Studio Code

I've been using VS Code for some weeks. I agree, it's very ...

What email client do you use and why? (Inbox is driving me nuts!)

I use Mozilla Thunderbird. I particulary like the fast sear...

Thinking in Systems with JavaScript

I think this is a good approach.

Books I read in 2017

Great post!

So I forgot about a scraper

Hi! Can you share the code?

Avoid getters and setters whenever possible

Hi Scott, Thanks for your answer. Now I understand a little...

Avoid getters and setters whenever possible

Hi Scott, thanks for your answer. I intended to leave the ...

Avoid getters and setters whenever possible

Hi, I don't agree with expressing that package private attr...

One Useful Advice To Fight The Impostor Syndrome

Great Post!

With our minds set on 2018

Thanks for sharing! That's what I call focus

With our minds set on 2018

Thanks for sharing!

The 4-letter-word word that makes my blood boil

Good post, Underestimating and oversimplifying an issue is ...

With our minds set on 2018

Hi, I want to thank those who have shared their interests. I'...

With our minds set on 2018

Thanks for sharing!

With our minds set on 2018

Thanks for sharing!

With our minds set on 2018

Thanks for sharing!

This is how my complete development setup looks like

Hi! Can you explain a little further your GitHub configurat...

Cleaning your room instead of doing your homework

This happens to me from time to time too.

Cleaning up your codebase with a clean architecture

Good article

A framework for learning for programmers

I think your approach is very useful.

Imposter Syndrome: PHP Edition

Hi, I work with PHP for web backend often. With Java to devel...

Note-taking software - Investigation

Good post man

Use your database!

Yes, I agree!

Use your database!

I think that with the last paragraph you just nailed the is...

Welcome Thread - v5

Hi Luke, The site is very cool, comfortable to read and to ...

Use your database!

Hi! This is a very good post, at least as I see it, because...

How is this Website differ from StackOverflow?

Hi, I think this site has a different purpose than StackOve...

How to build a web app in 2017?

Hi! I just came here to tell you guys that this thread was ...

What is a multi-tenant system?

Good article!

How do you choose between an interface and abstract class?

Hi Suhas, Another conceptualization that helped me a lot to...

Moving your workflow to Linux

Hi, Good post, it is full of good advice. I've always been ...

CSV Challenge

Excellent, man

Looking for a framework

But Laravel is a Java Android framework? I thought it was a...

Welcome Thread - v5

Hi, My name is Daniel, I'm a developer from Buenos Aires, Arg...

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