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A recipe sharing web app with Django and React

Hey, I've not written a tutorial yet.

Django Channels - A Simple Chat App Part 3

Thank you. Perhaps take a look at Daphne as it supports ASGI...

Newbie Here, Who Dis?

Good luck on your journey!

Django - Reset Password

Hi. Can I see your code and the error you are getting?

Django Social Apps Authentication

Did it work?

Django Social Apps Authentication

Thanks for the support. Have you registered the redirect URI...

Build a web traffic monitor with Django and IPStack

I just did. It sure is highlighted. Thanks

Build a web traffic monitor with Django and IPStack

Thanks, it would be nice if you could highlight your syntax.

Getting Started With Django Channels - A Simple Chat App Part 1

Thanks, you can check it out here

I Have Been Writing A Blog For 10 Months: Here Is My Story

Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

Introduction To Web Sockets

Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.

You're doing great, and you need to hear that :)

Nice article. I also liked the GIF you used at the beginning....

Introduction To Web Sockets

Cool. In the first paragraph of the article I've attached a l...

Introduction To Web Sockets

Oh, 'Django Channels' is the name of the library I'll be usin...

Introduction To Web Sockets

Hello, what channel?

Just passed 1MIllion views on

Yeah, it really is. Good environment we have here.

Just passed 1MIllion views on

Congrats on your achievement.

Newbie frontend developer incoming

Don't expect to master them. Just continue on making more and...

Django - How to keep secrets safe with python-dotenv

Am glad you found it helpful.

Django - How to keep secrets safe with python-dotenv

Hello, Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's a basic Django tutor...

10 reasons why nobody is reading your articles and how to fix it

Loved this!

10 Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die

All of Christopher Nolan's movies must be watched not just Me...

Learning Python- Intermediate course: Day 17, Tkinter — a fast and easy way to create GUI applications.

I like your dedication for your learning python series. Good ...

Best tech movies that every programmer must watch

Great! thanks

Creating The Sign Up Page Part I

Thanks, am glad you enjoyed it

4 Useful Django Packages

Okay, thanks!

4 Useful Django Packages

Thanks for the info. How about using python-dotenv instead o...

How I stay productive

That's a handful of positive ideas. Thanks!

5 Takeaways from this year's Stack Overflow Survey

Wow the difference between the number of men and women profes...

Thoughts in Code >3

// Reply_in_Code print('You forgot to increment "googling_ski...

Top 5 best YouTube channel for programmers

Corey Schafer is perfect for python tutorials. His explanatio...