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I'm a passionate programmer aspiring to be a very good computer scientist

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Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology

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I'm looking for work!

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Can you check for prime numbers? - Primality Test


Road to Genius: advanced #44

Same here. everyday I solve a competitive programming questio...

How to merge two Objects or Arrays in JavaScript

Wow, thanks a lot

Setting up a Custom Domain name and FREE SSL certificate for Heroku Apps

Is the domain supposed to be purchased from cloudflare?

What is your first surprise in 2020?

Awesome, wishing you all the best

Binary Exponentiation

Thanks for the correction

My only 2 plans for 2020 πŸ˜–

Interesting, I'm already halfway through linear algebra. Wi...

10 of the best CSS animation libraries.

Thanks, will be using one of these in my upcoming project.

My only 2 plans for 2020 πŸ˜–

Okay, thanks

Dec. 27, 2019: What did you learn this week?

I was busy writing my end of semester exams. Hence the only...

In need of cool ideas

Okay, thanks a lot

In need of cool ideas

Cool man. Thanks

It’s my birthday

Happy birthday man. Mine was on the 16th and I was the only...

Google's 15GB free storage

Hmmm, 15GB for all these services. That sounds like a death...

How I Keep Coding When I'm Low on Spoons


WhatsApp vs Telegram

Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms while Wha...

WhatsApp vs Telegram

A small post for you to read on Telegram

WhatsApp vs Telegram

You have no proof to show facebook just wants me to feel sa...

WhatsApp vs Telegram

The fact that It wasn't built from the root by FaceBook and...

I am an African developer, Ask Me Anything!

As far as I know, the average time to report to work over h...

I am an African developer, Ask Me Anything!

African developers are underestimated. Lot's of people don'...

I AM an electronic engineer turned into a web developer. Ask Me Anything!

What triggered you to make this switch or what made you ver...

I'm an ex-bartender/waiter who is now a web developer and DevOps engineer, Ask Me Anything!

How was your transition back to being a developer like? I'm...

I am an African developer, Ask Me Anything!

I'll say it used to be that way just because some time ago ...

I am an African developer, Ask Me Anything!

Yup, mostly from Avicii, Imagine Dragons and Khalid

I am an African developer, Ask Me Anything!

Finding a dev job locally is quite hard because unemploymen...

I am an African developer, Ask Me Anything!

I live in Ghana which is in the western part of Africa. Wh...

I am an African developer, Ask Me Anything!

I'm quite of a tech enthusiast. Started programming at the ...

Bundle Your Javascript Code From Scratch


What was your win this week?

Wow my first pull request finally got merged