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softwear eng; jack-of-many-trades w/Master's in biochem. (she/her)

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Flatiron School


Jr. Software Engineer

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Publishing an Eleventy site to Github Pages

Interesting! What did adding that file fix?

Hi CodeLand! We're Microsoft and we want to empower you to do more.

Hi! My Learn profile is

Reading The Fancy Manual: Documentation in Bash

Thank you for the explanation robertorojasr! I wonder if BSD...

Publishing an Eleventy site to Github Pages

Thank you for the feedback, Erich! Your reply inspired me t...

What was your win this week?

Started writing blog posts again! One about my first year a...

My first year as a dev

Thanks Jess! ✅

Which US state has the best tech?

On a related note~ When it comes to accessing social servi...

What are your worst coding habits?

struggling on my own for an embarrassingly long time before...

Which editor do you use when opening files like .bash_profile, etc?

VSC, for gratuitous luxury

What are your worst coding habits?

git push --force on a regular basis using VSC to open dot...

Accessing React State right after setting it

This blog post has saved me like 3 times now :D

The Web Accessibility Introduction I Wish I Had

Thanks for this post, Max! Small Planet maintains a nice to...

Get your #Hacktoberfest shirt without writing a lick of code

Thank you! I just went in and fixed 17 [unintelligible]s fo...

Get your #Hacktoberfest shirt without writing a lick of code

Is there a list of episodes whose transcript or show notes ...

I don't like remote working

I'd humbly add a Fourth: Inclusivity Teams that are IRL as ...

Store Passwords With KeePass

I love KeePass2! It's also one of the few password managers...

A List of Companies that Hire Jr Devs for Remote Positions

Thank you so much for compiling this! I can only consider ...

Scope and Hoisting of variables, functions, and `this` in JavaScript

thank you!! <3

Thoughts on my JS-Rails project

Thank you!! It's certainly a possibility! But only after i...