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How to build a Tailwind CSS tabs component

Thanks for sharing! What's next?

Best Black Friday Offer - 100% Open-Source and Free Starters

Great list!

Azia Dashboard - Open-Source Flask Dashboard

great design

Black Friday 2021 - Sweet deals for developers

Quite a list!

Django Star Admin - Open-source / Bootstrap 5 / Docker / CookieCutter

Nice design

Django Cookie-Cutter - Material Dashboard

Nice work! Can I customize the models?

Flask API Boilerplate - Simple Starter in Action

Thanks for sharing!

Windster - Tailwind CSS admin dashboard interface [MIT License]

blazing fast

Building a responsive navbar component in Tailwind CSS

Thanks for sharing

Laravel React - Purity Dashboard (Free Product)


Laravel React - Purity Dashboard (Free Product)

The design is great and authentication part really useful. H...

React Flask Authentication - Free Sample

This stack is my favorite. Thanks for sharing

Flask Template Bootstrap - Open-source and Free

Can you move Material Kit on top position? The design is ama...

Building a list group component with Tailwind CSS

Back to the basics .. Thanks for sharing.

Cannot import name 'TextField' from 'wtforms'

First solution sounds better in the long run. Thank you for ...

Datta Able - Free Starters for Flask, Django, React, and Firebase

Nice design, Thanks for sharing!

Flask Black Dashboard - Product Update

Great design and useful seed starter. An update to BS5 would ...

Django Website Template - Material Kit (Bootstrap 5)

Nice product, thanks for sharing!

Material Kit 2 - Free Python/Jinja template

This product deserves a bookmark. Thanks for sharing!

React NodeJS Purity - Open-source Full-Stack Seed Project

Nice design! Chakra UI is my favorite UI lib.

Bootstrap 5 Material Dashboard - Free Resources

Amazing design! thanks for sharing

Creative-Tim Latest Products (ALL Free) - BS5, Chakra UI, React

Nice list! Glad to see that Material Dashboard has been updat...

React Django - Soft Dashboard (Free Product)

The VR page looks super futuristic. Thanks for sharing!

React User Authentication - Using JWT (Json Web Tokens)

A really nice article! Thanks

Free React Dashboards - Chakra, M-UI and Ant Design

Purity/Chakra UI looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Building Tailwind CSS form and input components

Thanks for sharing!

React Node JS - Open-Source Fullstack Starters

Great list!

Node JS React - Soft Dashboard (open-source Full-Stack project)

Great design! Thanks for sharing.

Building a Tailwind CSS dropdown component

Can I use the code for commercial products? Thank you!

Django Admin Template - Volt Bootstrap 5

Thanks for writing! Indeed, Django default admin UI needs so...

How to use Bootstrap with Flask

Thank you! Can you elaborate the authentication part?

Building a Tailwind CSS breadcrumb component


Free Bootstrap 5 Dashboard - Built with Flask and Docker

Sounds like a simple setup ..

Django & Docker - Open-source Projects

The cheat sheet section is really useful. Keep writing!

Just passed 1MIllion views on

That's something. Can you tell us the total number of article...

AdminLTE - Open-Source Django Starter

Great OSS design.

Django Website Templates - Free Download

Pixel looks great!

Django Volt Dashboard - Free Dashboard built with Django 3.2.0 LTS

Useful update. Ty!

Free Dashboards - Killer Templates for 2021

PS. Thanks for sharing

Free Dashboards - Killer Templates for 2021

Volt and Berry are the best.

Django Cookie-Cutter - Simple Theme-able Generator

Nice tool! Keep posting.

Django React Boilerplate - With Free Samples

Thank you! I will take a look at Firebase.

Django React Boilerplate - With Free Samples

Thank you! How hard it is to integrate a social login (Google...

AppSeed-Shell - Generate Dashboards with ease

Looks easy!

Flask React - From Zero to Full-Stack (with Samples)

Really nice content.

React Material Dashboard - Full-stack Version

Wow, amazing product. Any discounts for students?

Eleventy Soft UI - Powered by Prismic CMS

Amazing design and the stack is perfect.

Free API Servers - Open-source REST products: Django, Node JS, Flask

Nice resources. Thanks for writing!

FullStack React - Code Examples to start fast

Berry looks nice.

Django Debug Toolbar - How to configure

Nice & simple! Thank you for this.

React Dashboard - Open-source Full-stack Products

Really nice! If you can provide more insights regarding the ...

Node JS API - With React UI: Berry Dashboard

Really nice React design!

Show dev: glassmorphism CSS generator

Useful, thanks for coding this tool. The code is open-source?

Django Authentication System - Tutorial for Beginners

The user creation using that form is great. Thank you!

Django Request Object - Soft Introduction for Beginners

Really nice. Thank you!

Create Model in Django - Tutorial for Beginners

Too easy ... Keep writing!

Working on a Free Low Code Dashboard Builder for Bootstrap 5

Just had a look, the editor looks nice and intuitive. More p...

Django Routing - A practical introduction

You should rename this tutorial to How to display a random ca...

Summer Deals - A Curated List

Thanks for sharing! Udemy has also a nice offer these days -...

React & Tailwind - Open-source Starters and UI Kits

My vote goes for Windmill.

Soft UI Dashboard - Bootstrap 5 Design on Steroids

Wow. Quite pricey but really nice.

Random OSS Projects - Mongita, Charts.css, NocoDB, BlitzJS

The idea behind Charts CSS sounds really smart. Thanks for s...

Soft UI Dashboard - Bootstrap 5 FREE Django Template

A nice, colofful UI. Great product

Updated Dashboards - Soft UI, AdminKit, Volt Bootstrap 5

Great list!

Introducing Flowbite: a figma design kit built for integration with Tailwind CSS

Thanks for sharing. The design looks super. One Q: How can ...

Bootstrap Template Free Download - Pixel Lite

This design looks so nice.

Random Open-source Projects

EditorJS looks so good.

React Tailwind - Free Dashboards

Windmill is the only one with dark mode. Thanks for sharing.

Show dev: Figma design kit built for Tailwind CSS

Thanks for sharing

Bootstrap 5 Templates - Open-source and FREE

Wow, all free?

Soft UI Dashboard - Open-source Flask Starter

Really nice UI!

Minimal Programming Kit

Nice & slim-fit tutorial.

Laravel Theme Download - Modern UI Kits to start fast

Nice list, thanks for sharing!

Soft UI Dashboard - Free Jinja Template

Really nice design.

Next JS Themes - Open-source and Free

Notus looks so good. Thanks for sharing!

Django Graphs and Charts – Argon Dashboard

This sample is super useful. Ty!

Admin Dashboard With Database - Free Projects to start fast

Nice list! The Charts sample is great.

Flask Pandas Dataframe - How to code it

Nice & simple. Thank you!

React Templates - Curated list with FREE projects

Thanks for sharing. Maybe It's worth mentioning CoreIU - Fre...

Django User Profile - Learn to code in Django

Can I use the code in my projects?

Javascript Chart Library - Open-source Projects


Javascript Chart Library - Open-source Projects

Ty! Some real full-stack samples might help a lot. P.S. Echa...

Show dev: free Django dashboard admin template

Docker scripts make the deployment much easier. Thanks for s...

Django Tutorial - Plugins

Thank you! Basically, the setup.cfg and are critica...

Django Tutorial - MVT Architecture, Custom Commands


Free and open source Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

MIT License?

React dashboard tutorial: learn how to get started with an admin interface built with React.js and Bootstrap 5

The product looks super nice. It's free?

Flask Tutorial - The Interactive way, Ask Me Anything for three hours

Hello Sm0ke and Thanks for your time! Can I use Flask embedde...

Flask - A list of useful β€œHOW TO’s”


Flask Cheat Sheet - And FREE samples

Nice, Thanks!

Next JS Templates - A curated list

Thank you! I've used Gatsby & NextJS to play. I was movi...

Documentation Generators - A curated list: MkDocs, Docsify, Vuepress

Nice list! Ty!

Django - A curated list with useful OSS projects

Nice list - Ty!

Tailwind CSS - Free starters coded in React, Vue, Svelte, and Angular

Nice list. Thanks

Django Datatables - Pagination, Search and Inline edit via Ajax

This is something I might use in my projects. Also, the UI lo...

Django Admin Customization - Black Dashboard

I didn't know is that easy. Thanks!

Bootstrap 5 Templates - Open-source and Free

niceee ...

Deploy Flask App - Complete information and Samples

Sounds like an easy set up! Thank you!

Deploy Flask App - Complete information and Samples

Nice intro! How about setting up SSL in that Nginx?

How I’ve built 300+ open-source projects with automation tools

We have an R&D worrior here. Keep us inform regarding yo...

Bootstrap Templates - Open-Source and Free

Super nice! Thank you ...

REST API vs. GraphQL [comparison]

NIce ...

Admin Dashboard - 20 Free Dashboards coded in React, Vue, Angular, and Bootstrap

Black from CT is present in all technologies. Nice. Thanks fo...

Vue Template - A curated list with free resources

Nice .. The Now UI looks pretty good. All free?

Black Dashboard - Coded in React, Vue, Jinja, Flask, and Django

Nice. Thanks! For sure I will play with React version.

UI Kits - A curated list with modern Kits

Pixel looks nice, and has a bunch of pages.

Material Dashboard - Open-Source starters coded in different technologies

Thank you! AdminT looks nice.

Jinja Template - Argon Dashboard

Nice. Argon is quite super. Useful when a free design comes w...

Argon Dashboard - Free Django Seed Project

The free version of Argon Design is more than ok for simple p...

Jinja Template - Paper Dashboard

A nice Ui Kit. Thanks

Star Admin β€” Django Dashboard

Niceeee. Thank you!

Jinja Templates - Curated list

Thank you! I've been using an older version of CoreUI, the fr...

Jinja Template - Black Dashboard


Adminator - Jinja Template

Codebase looks lightweigh and easy to use .. Thank you!

Admin Dashboards - Dark-Themed and Free

Atlantis and Black Design are best. Thanks for writing!

20+ Free Admin Dashboards - LIVE on PH

Thanks for sharing this. Good luck with your PH campaign.

Iconic Admin Dashboards - AdminLTE, Black Dashboard, CoreUI, Adminator, Material Dashboard

Nice list ..

CoreUI - Admin Dashboard available as Jinja2 theme and Flask, Django web apps

CoreUI is quite a nice UI kit, nicely supported & version...

Flask Dashboard - Simple Open-Source Starters

Nice. Thanks for sharing!

Luigi in CSS

Super creative! Thanks for sharing is fast - But ... How?

Good question! I'm also interested to find out more regardi...