One-Tap Passwordless Login for your App

Cotter is a passwordless authentication service that helps developers add a secure and user-friendly login to their website or app in just a few lines of code.

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The Simplest Way to Authorize Github OAuth Apps with Next.js and Cotter

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How to Make an Interactive Todo List CLI using Python with an Easy Login Mechanism

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Angular: Send Email, SMS, and WhatsApp Verification Code to New Users Worldwide

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OAuth 2.0 - Before You Start: Pick the Right Flow for Your Website, SPA, Mobile App, TV App, and CLI

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What is WebAuthn: Logging in with Face ID and Touch ID on the web

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Passwordless Login with Email and JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication using Next.js

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LocalStorage vs Cookies: All You Need To Know About Storing JWT Tokens Securely in The Front-End

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What on Earth Is OAuth? ASuper Simple Intro to OAuth 2.0, Access Tokens, and How to Implement It in Your Site

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