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CSS.GG + Vercel & Updates

Oh yes, I definitely learned many new things from the video. ...

Which concept took you the longest to grasp?

I have a difficult time understanding how to correctly and ef...

Taking the Unhappy Path with Result, Option, unwrap and ? operator in Rust

Yes please. That will be good.

I made a Text-to-handwriting tool to write my college assignments for me 🤓

Absolutely excellent.

Adding Tailwind to existing React app?

I did for a new ReactJS here:

React without create react app. Start building your react project like a professional

I do like your post a lot. But you're contradicting yoursel...

Correctly capture iOS 13 Device Token in Xamarin

That's an interesting scenario: user disable push notif, la...

🔥 Create your YOUR Personal Blog 📜 using Reactjs ⚛️ & Github Issues in less than 10 min 🕐

This is great.

Making GitHub Gists powerful with GistPad for VSCode

Ironically, you had to retype your code here. Point is dev....

Show off your Terminal 🐱‍💻✨

Cmder which I totally like:

States and Fates in JS Promises

That's excellent

Public Speaking as a Developer

Very true.

Modernize your ReactJS application with async/await in 2018

It's good to have an eye on the transpiled code. For a simp...

I'm a co-founder of (this website), ask me anything!

I don't see any ads and there's no fee/pricing on your site...

What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?

That is very good to know about.

What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?


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